Changes to Email Allowlists

Email allowlists limit who is allowed to sign themselves up for new user accounts to promote better communication to your users. Allowlists can be set up in the portal settings by the System Admin. Heading over to the user's tab you will see the below options:

  • Email Allowlists: Allows you to enter a list of acceptable email domains that the system will allow for signups. These must be in the format "". When a user signs up with an email domain in the Allowlists they will get an email with an activation link that will validate their account
  • Manual Email Validation: Allows for manual override of the allowlists settings on the enrollment key level. This provides a new toggle in the enrollment key setting. When the toggle is OFF, the allowlist will function as normal and prevent any users without the proper email domain from signing up. When it is ON, users with domains outside the allowlist will be able to create an inactive account. They will not get an activation email and will have to wait for an admin to activate their account. 

Messaging in the Learner Interface

When a user signs up successfully with an email domain that matches one set on the email allowlist they will see the following message:


When learners attempt to create an account with an email domain does not exist on the allowlist, they will see the following message:


With Manual Email Validation toggled on, users signing up with an enrollment key will instead see the below message if their email is not on the allowlist:


Please note that the following toggle can be found while editing the enrollment key and will need to be on.



Important note: if the enrollment key used to sign up has any courses attached to it, this user will still be enrolled in the courses and they will receive any enrollment emails tied to those courses. 
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