Customer Accounts for eCommerce

Customers of our clients may leverage the LMS to make purchases multiple times during the year. If they are using a Credit Card for those Transactions, they are required to manually enter their details every time. The introduction of Customer Accounts enables clients to determine if they will allow their Learners to save their billing and payment information during the Transaction process for easy reuse in a future Transaction.


Enabling Customer Accounts

Before Customer Accounts can be leveraged by Learners, a System Administrator will need to enable Customer Accounts under Cart Settings in E-Commerce Settings. To locate the toggle, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the Administrator Interface as a System Administrator and click the Account menu button in the top right corner. This will expand the Account Menu.

  2. From the Account Menu select Portal Settings. This will open the Edit Client page.

  3. On the Edit Client page select Manage E-Commerce Settings from the right hand side menu.

  4. Click Cart Settings to open the section.

  5. Toggle Customer Accounts to On.
    MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png
  6. When you are finished, don't forget to Save.


Saving Payment Details

When checking out using a Credit Card, a client can select Remember my Payment Details to save their information for a future Transaction.

When this is checked, upon successful completion of the Transaction, the following is saved to the Customer Account:

  • Billing Address
  • Payment Method

Checkout - Payment Method.png

Saved Payment Details Checkbox.png


Reusing Saved Payment Details

Learners who have saved their Payment Details will be informed about this when making future Transactions using a Credit Card.

Return Transaction - Saved Details Notice.png

Learners will be prompted to select between Proceed as Guest and Proceed to Checkout.


Proceed to Checkout

If Proceed to Checkout is used, then the Learner’s saved Billing Details will automatically be populated.

The CSC field must be populated manually.

Return Transaction - Saved Card.png

The Learner can choose to use a different card when completing their Transaction.

Upon successful completion of the Transaction, the most recently used card will be saved to the Customer Account.

Any changes to the Billing Address will be saved to the Customer Account.

Return Transaction - New Card.png


Guest Checkout

If the Learner uses Guest Checkout then the Billing Details will not be populated automatically.

Upon successful completion of the Transaction, the most recently used card will not be saved to the Customer Account.

Guest Transaction.png

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