RESTful API V1.5 Change Log

The Absorb V1.5 RESTful API allows for performative communication and interaction with the LMS without using the Absorb UI. The V1.5 RESTful API itself receives ongoing updates and changes to ensure consistent performance and quality of life features.

Update History

Captured below are versions of the V1.5 RESTful API which have been made available, alongside the changes associated with each version.

Release Version Release Date Changes
5.116.1 22nd of November 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the endpoint “POST users/userId/enrollments” was not correctly updating the Status of the enrollment. The call now correctly sets this value.

5.116.0 5th of November 2023

Pagination Changes

  • Endpoints Changed:

    • List Venues endpoint -

    • List User’s messages endpoint -{userId}/messages

    • List User’s received messages endpoint  -{userId}/messages/received

  • All changes support the versioning header (X-API-Version):

    • Supports 1.5.0 (default) and 1.5.1 as values.

    • Contract change applies only to 1.5.1.

  • New error code returned:

    • 422 Error: Occurs when the provided parameters result in an error.

Rate & Burst Limiting

  • Rate Limits have been introduced for all plans at 200 calls per second with a 100 call burst limit.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the endpoint “get Course Bundles for sale” was returning all Course Bundles regardless of whether or not they were for sale.

  • Updated documentation for “list User’s available courses” endpoint to accurately reflect its paginated and versioned changes.

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