Absorb 4 Patch Notes


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed November 18th, 2015

 New Features

  • Self-enrollment rules can now be configured to validate against a learner's Date Added field


  • Added the ability to host .data and .mem Unity 3D file types as lesson/resource sources



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed May 27, 2015


· Username minimum length has now been reduced to 2 characters




This patch was successfully deployed on March 12, 2015

System Changes

· Improved tracking of failed cart transactions



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed January 13, 2015

System Changes

Updated New Zealand's regions in the State/Province user fieldExpanded the character limit of the Department Notes file to 500 characters



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed December 11, 2014

System Changes

· Added the CertificateExpiry email variable to custom course-level email templates




Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed November 13, 2014

System Changes

· Open lessons will now remain stationary instead of scrolling with course pages containing a long list of lessons


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed Sept 30, 2014

System Changes:

· Printed transcripts now include the LMS Name in the top-left corner

· Curricula status will now change to In Progress as soon as a learner launches a course within it

· Added translatable terms for Mercury's Billboards, News, Contest, FAQ, and Polls tiles

· Added .JSON files to the list of available MIME types



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on September 17, 2014

System Changes:

· .DMG files can now be uploaded as resources




Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on August 19, 2014

System Changes:

· Many performance enhancements to the Course Activity report



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on August 12, 2014

System Changes:

· Added a new SearchArea translation for the search bar

· Added England to the country list



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on August 12, 2014

System Changes:

· Added a new SearchArea translation for the search bar

· Added England to the country list



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on August 6, 2014

System Changes:

· The curricula course group title's character limit has been increased to 150

· Performance enhancements to the Course Activity report


Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.10



Absorb 4.8.10 was successfully deployed on July 26, 2014.

We will be applying this release for all hosted clients at the following time:

· NA / EU / CA: July 26th, 2014 - 12:00PM MDT

We anticipate having up to 1 hour of downtime, although the full time will only be needed if complications arise.

New Features

· Numerous security enhancements and additions

· Added the ability to manage learner expiration dates for curricula based enrollments

· Added administrators' Organization column to the Manage Administrators report

· Significantly improved performance and stability across the LMS

· Added American territories for selection from the State dropdown

· Introduced DST versions of several ILT session time zones

· Time zones are now available when setting up events

· Learning path certification now offers the option of a specific expiration date alongside number of days

· API: The Get Students call will now also return the ActiveStatus of the student

System Changes:

· Adjusted certain error messages to make resolving username / password problems in the shopping cart more intuitive

· The receipt email will now display all times with their associated time zone

· Completion via the Grades report will now assign a time in addition to the date. For ILT courses this will correspond with the session end time.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on June 17, 2014.

System Changes:

· Changed ILT session confirmation message in the UI to be relevant to both learners changing sessions as well as those choosing their session for the first time



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on June 10, 2014.

System Changes:

· Implemented a restriction that allows only one click of the shopping cart's Complete Purchase button while payment is being processed


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on May 20, 2014.


· Added the ability to upload an instructor's custom signature for certificates

System Changes:

· Applied course description's formatting to the description in the shopping cart



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on May 14th, 2014

System Changes:

· Added Sudan to country list

· Added Expiration Date column to Manage Curricula/Course Bundles report

· Optional Learner Fields now allow up to a maximum of 255 characters



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on May 6th, 2014

System Changes:

· Added recommended thumbnail sizes to Curricula



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on April 29th, 2014.

System Changes:

· Expired enrollment keys now have an appropriate error message



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on April 22nd, 2014.


Support for Articulate Studio 2013 has been added



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on April 15th, 2014.


· The following salutations were added: Ms., Mme., Sir, Sr., Sra., Herr., Frau.

System Changes:

· The Send to Calendar button no longer requires that ILT emails be enabled


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on March 11th, 2014.


· Added a date selector to the Course Evaluations Details report

System Changes:

· Email receipts will now include the enrollment key details if multiple seats were purchased



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on March 4th, 2014.


· E-Commerce deeplinks to the shopping cart can now pre-select a number of seats



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on February 25th, 2014.

System Changes:

· Removed the quiz preview functionality from the admin interface. This preview was not showing the correct quiz information or styles. Quizzes will need to be tested in the actual user interface for the time being.



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.9

Unless otherwise specified, all user interface changes relate to our new user interface (UI3)


We will be applying this release for our hosted clients at the following time:

· NA/EU/CA: February 9th, 2014 at 6:00PM MST

We anticipate having up to 2 hours of downtime, although the full time will only be needed if complications arise

New Features

· The search functionality in our UI has been significantly improved:

· Searches will now return results from Courses, Catalog, and Resources simultaneously in a new category called All. The search results page can still be filtered down to each area but the All category will be used by default for all searches.

· Added two new search operators: "And" & "Or". These operators can be used to perform complex searches that combine multiple search terms, e.g. safety and compliance and CPR//2013 or 2014. Please note that you cannot combine both "And" & "Or" in a single search, and that quotes are not necessary.

· A "Download All" option has been added to the resource search results page.

· Users can now search on lesson and session tags

· Enrollments keys can now use a whitelist and/or blacklist to specify acceptable learners for self-enrollment

· This functionality must be enabled for your portal, which can be requested by contacting our support team

· The whitelist and blacklist can be managed under the My Details section. An example of a valid entry for either field: *gmail.com;*ymail.com

· This feature must be used in conjunction with Enrollment Key email validation

· This is a client wide setting and cannot be configured on a per enrollment key basis

· The public Course Catalog can now be searched

· Recurring ILT sessions are now better handled in the UI. The calendar will show up to the first five recurring sessions, and the ILT session details will also display the recurrence schedule.

· The Learner Activity report can now display the number of courses started or in progress for each learner

· Three new variables have been added to the customized email receipt: Purchaser's phone number, coupon code, and reference #

· The enrollment key field "Keyname" is now available for the Course Activity report

· Department name is now available for the Course Evaluation report

· External ID is now available for the Transactions report

· Users can now edit their middle name from the Edit Profile window

· A new email template has been added to notify customers when their purchase has been approved

System Changes

· Course Expiration Date has been added to the Course Completion email templates

· Courses set as Absorb Compliant can now be forced to use a Pop-up

· Billboards that use videos are now supported in IE8

· When uploading a document to a task, the course title is now displayed on the Pop-up window

· API: Added Email and LastLoggedIn to the GetStudents call

· Surveys can now be restricted so that they can only be taken once


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on November 19th, 2013.


· Administrators can now grant the permission for other administrator to be able to delete saved reports other than their own from the Manage Reports page.

System Changes:

· There is now a 10 second delay on the activity complete modal if an Absorb Quiz contains a Post-Message.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on November 12, 2013.


· Clients can now prevent learner's from purchasing multiple seats in the Shopping Cart.

· You can now select the Language field as rule when creating Smart Departments.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on November 5, 2013.

System Changes:

· The character length of the Company Name field in an Administrator's profile was extended to 150 characters.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on October 29th, 2013,


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on October 8, 2013.


· The Learner Progress report now has a date drop-down menu similar to the other reporting pages.

System Changes:

· Duplicating a course will now retain any associated quiz tags for Absorb based exams or quizzes.

· A learner's middle name can now be added as a field in email templates.



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.8

This release was successfully deployed to all regions by October 3rd, 2013.

New Features

· The Invoice email is now customizable under the Admin Email Template section.

· Administrator and user lockouts have been added. After 5 failed login attempts admins or users will be locked out for 30 minutes. The admin lockout will be enabled for all clients by default but the user lockout will only be be turned on upon request.

· UI 3: A Facebook tile is now available! This tile will display timeline updates in a feed similar to the Twitter tile.

· UI 3: FAQs are now available for all clients! See this article for more information on how they can be used.

· UI 3: The shopping cart can now display both course descriptions and session descriptions. It will also allow learners to purchase a session with no seats available if the waitlist is enabled.

· UI 3: The course catalog will now enforce prerequisites when attempting to purchase a course. A warning is displayed to the customer with a list of the required courses and the option to confirm or cancel their selection.

· UI 3: A curricula tile is now available to be added to your interface upon request

· Curricula can now contain course groups that are entirely optional, by setting the required courses to zero

· Invoice emails can now be resent to customers via the Transactions report

· Enrollment Keys can now have an expiration date

· Curricula can now have Terms and Conditions

· The Learner Transcript now breaks out curricula from regular courses

· Multiple video files of varying quality can now be uploaded for a single lesson

· Video subtitles can now be enabled by default on a per lesson basis

System Changes:

· UI 3: Learner ID can be made visible under the user profile

· UI 3: Enrollment keys can now be set to generate the username based on the first and last name entered

· API: Departments can now be created

· A "Print All" and "Download All" option have been added for documents uploaded via a task.

· Session details are now available in the transaction report for purchased ILTs

· When making an ILT available for purchase you can now force a learner to choose a session at the time of purchase

· The Transactions report can now display the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the purchase

· Added a warning when assigning an instructor to a session if they have different time zones

· Salutation and Language have been added as available fields for Enrollment Keys

· Basic HTML tags are now supported in Absorb quiz fields, including: <strong>, <em>, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <p>, and <br>

· Increased the number of reportable fields available on the Enrollment Key > Subscribed report

· Two new columns have been added to the Learner reports: Logins and Unique IP. These columns should help determine if any learners are sharing their LMS account

· The ability to drag and drop curricula course groups has been disabled in order to ensure that dragging and dropping courses within a group functions correctly

· Date Completed has been added to the Enrollments report

· Annual Leave has been added as an available completion type under the Course Activity report

· Creating a deep-link that specified an interface language should now work more consistently

· A new permission has been added that governs course deletion. This permission is only granted by default to System Administrators using the built-in role.

· Operating System and Screen Resolution have been added back to the attempt details under the Learner Transcript

· The Waitlist notification email will no longer have an ICS file attached. Instead, the ICS file will be attached if they receive the enrollment confirmation email.

· Added enhanced reporting for Tin Can courses

· Made a number of changes to improve JAWS support

· Generating an administrator or user password will no longer include the following characters: 0, o, O



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on September 3, 2013


· The Course Summary report can now be sorted by active or inactive courses.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on August 27, 2013.

System Changes:

· UI 3.0 Twitter tile has been updated to use the new Twitter API.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed on August 20, 2013.


·  "StartDate(Simplfied)" field has been added to ILT email templates. It will show the start date and time without the timezone code associated with it.

· There is now a report called the Curricula Summary.

· You can now add formatting to a Resource description.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on July 30th, 2013.


· UI 3.0 The Task Uploader will now inform the learner if they attempt to upload a format that is not supported. See supported formats here. As well, a learner will be notified if they try to upload an already existing item for the Task.

System Changes:

· The generate password feature will now exclude "1" (one) and "l" (lowercase "L") and "I" (uppercase "i") from passwords to avoid learner confusion.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on July 23rd, 2013.


· UI 3.0 Question headers for Absorb based quizzes are now translatable.

· A "Session Full" message will now appear for learners who are trying to enroll into a full ILT session.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on July 17th, 2013.


· The time when Attendance Reminder emails send out to instructors can now be altered.

· UI 3.0: FAQ tile is now available to customized and added to interface.

System Changes:

· Display columns now display in alphabetical order.

· South Sudan has been added to the Country lists.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on July 9th, 2013.

System Changes:

· Adding an ILT Cancellation email template. 


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was deployed on June 27th, 2013.

System Changes:

· Our Cloudfront CDN was causing issues with streaming video on various platforms and has been turned off

· Curricula group names can now be up to 70 characters in length



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch has been released.

System Changes:

· Resource categories will sort in alphabetical order.

· A course "Type" column will be added to the Course Summary report.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed on June 10th, 2013.

System Changes:

· Coupon codes can be locked so that they can only be used once per learner

· Tin Can for Captivate 7 will be supported



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.7

The release was successfully deployed to our North American and European clients by June 5th, 2013

New Features

· UI 3.0 We are replacing the current video player with a new one called JW Player. Switching to JW Player will provide a number of improvements in video playback and performance as well as offering additional functionality that we will be able to take advantage of in the near future.

· We have rewritten the course chooser to improve performance for large course catalogs. We've also added the capability to select course bundles and courses at the same time and have improved the overall organization. Here's a snapshot of what it will look like.

· Added a new course evaluation type called Unlocked. This type will allow the course evaluation to be completed prior to the learner completing the course.

· Added a new variable to our ILT enrollment email template called "Session Re-Occurance" which will populate the details for ILT sessions that recur.

· Added a new variable to our ILT enrollment email template called "Session End Date"

· Curricula can now be duplicated to facilitate the creation of similar curricula.

· Added a new email template for ILT un-enrollment emails called "ILT Cancellation"

· Certificates can now be set to expire on a specific date

· The Certificate report will have the ability to sort by the most recently issued certificate only or by all certificates issued.

· A counter has been added to the My Details page of the admin page that will track the number of RESTful API calls you have made

· Added the ability to enforce email validation when a learner uses an enrollment key to sign up

· UI 3.0 Administrators can now upload documents on behalf of learners for Task lesson types via the Grades report

· UI 3.0 Enrollment key fields can now be checked against rules to ensure that learners fill out appropriate information, e.g. requiring them to use an email as their username. These rules are setup behind the scenes but changes can be requested by submitting a support ticket.

· UI 3.0 Administrators can now delete documents that learners have uploaded via a Task lesson type

System Changes:

· Improved responsiveness when re-ordering courses within curricula groups

· The default search filter for all reports has been changed from "Contains" to "Starts with".

· Importing a Tin Can compatible SCORM course will now use a default lesson type of Exam

· Added some tooltips that clarify that messaging learners will use the LMS message board rather than emails

· API A date parameter (modifedDate or validDate, depending on the call) has been added to the following API calls: Enrollments and Certificates.

· UI 3.0 The "Add to Outlook" ICS file button will be changed to "Add to Calender" and will send an email containing the ICS file rather than prompting the file download.


Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed on April 23rd at 3:00PM MST.

System Changes:

· "Address 2" can now be added as a column in the Manager Learners, Learner Progress and Learner Activity reports.

· UI 3.0 The mailto feature now works within the Hyperlink tile.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch has been successfully deployed.

System Changes:

· The SCORM Tin Can API can now allow courses to bookmark.

· Encrypted password emails now end in "Thank you" instead of "Cheers".

· Additional countries were added to the Country drop-down menu for Learners.

· UI 3.0 A more detailed message is being added for learners who attempt to login to the older interface links.


Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.6

This release has been successfully deployed.

New Features

· Added a new "Video" lesson type that allows you to select multiple video source files to ensure maximum browser compatibility for your videos. The new "Video" type will still report completion to the LMS in the same way that the "Lesson" type does, and many of your existing videos that are currently set as lessons will be automatically changed to the "Video" type.

· When selecting the "Task" lesson type you can now choose to allow the learner to upload a file for the task. You can read more about this feature here.

· YouTube videos can now be added to the LMS using the "Object" lesson type. For more information about the process please check out this article.

· UI 3: Record Other Training support has been added to our HTML5 interface.

· UI 3: Discussion Board support has been added to our HTML5 interface.

· UI 2,3: Absorb assessments and surveys have been significantly updated:

· The appearance has been improved

· All of the static assessment elements can now be translated through My Translations

· Assessments and surveys will now rescale to fit multiple screen sizes

· UI 3: Learners can now be prompted to fill out mandatory profile fields when logging in.

· UI 2,3: The UI can now be setup to restrict access to certain IP addresses.

· The {Completed(Expired)} field for a course is available again in the Enrollments page.

· Lesson Title, Start Date and Classroom have been added to the eCommerce receipt for ILT lesson purchases.

· Added new fields that can be applied to enrollment emails: Session Title, Session Instructor, Session Description, and Session Notes.

· The ability to enroll a learner into a Course Bundle or Curricula from the Enrollments tab when editing a learner's profile.

System Changes:

· Access to the old reports will be removed.

· The session drop down menu in the Grades report has been renamed from "Session" to "Lesson".

· UI 3: Added a dashboard tile for the following menu items: Calendar, Profile, Record Other Training.

· UI 3: Updated the transcript to better match the rest of the interface.

· UI 3: Selecting SCORM Pop-up as the format for your course will now actually create a new pop-up window for each lesson. If you'd prefer to use the modal (non pop-up) window for your courses you will need to change your course formatting to SCORM Launchpage instead.

· UI 3: Learners can now be forced to change their password or take a course on their first login to the LMS.

· UI 3: Billboards can now be targeted to specific learners using tags.

· UI 3: Attachments to learner messages can now be accessed through the message board in the UI.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully deployed.

System Changes:

· If you have a customized colour scheme for your quiz and are running either version 2 or 3 of our Absorb interface please submit a support ticket letting us know so we can update your colour scheme for our new quiz format

· The Export Cross tab button will now work in the Course Activity report as well as the Quiz Heurisitcs Question report

· The "Completed Learner Time" column is now available in the reports

· The Course Evaluation report now contains the "Report" and "Date" fields, including the view hyperlink that was in the old reports

· UI 3.0 A notification will now appear to inform the learner when they are being put on a waitlist

· UI 3.0 New translations and languages have been added

· The blue question mark beside the Approval setting in courses has been updated with more specific details about the function



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.5

This release has been successfully deployed

New Features

· Added basic support for SCORM Tin Can. We will add more features as the API becomes more stable and mainstream

· Student phone number is now available as a variable for the Approval Request email

· Added the ability to restrict LMS access to a specific set of IP addresses.

System Changes:

· Administrators will now be forced to use complex passwords. Existing passwords will not be affected but changing an admin's password or creating a new admin will require a complex password. This means that the password must contain at least 8 characters including 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 other character/symbol(e.g. @,$,#). Note that underscore (_) is not considered a symbol.

· Improved the formatting of the lost password email

· The field Address2 can now be edited by learners

· API: Added educational units to the CoursesForSale call



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully applied on Thursday, December 13th 2012

System Changes:

· Availability filters have been removed from course specific resources. The availability of these resources will be solely determined by the availability of the course.

· The ability to filter by language for resources has been temporarily removed as it was not properly linking to available languages. It will be added back when we are able to resolve this issue.

· Clients using the "Encrypted Password" option will no longer be able to type in a new password. Instead the "Generate Password" option must be used


The following items have already been applied to our system as hotfixes

· The API will now update the date edited field when updating a student or a student's enrolment

· In the Students API call the modifiedSince field has been changed to check for added students as well as edited students



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.4

This release has been successfully deployed.

New Features:

· Recertification is now available for curricula. This means that the automatic enrolment feature of curricula can now be used to automatically re-enrol learners in a collection of courses.

· Learner and admin certificate expiration emails can now be customized

· Learning paths (course bundles and curricula) can now have customized emails

· Added an Enrolment Type column to the Enrolment and Certificates reports that will show how a learner was enrolled in the course. Note that this will only work with enrolments that occur after the release. Old enrolments will appear as "Unknown".

· Redesigned our API to significantly improve performance of many API calls

· Significantly improved the performance of many activities in the new user interface

· Added additional information to the email receipt a learner receives after purchasing a course

· Improved performance of all admin reports across the board

· Custom Favicons can now be used with our new user interface. Simply place an .ico file in the following directory /_public/portal/flash/favicon.ico in your FTP.

· Added the ability to send an ICS file to the instructor when an ILT course is created or modified

· The ability to Record Other Training has been added to the new user interface

· Columns can now be resized to fixed widths in the new user interface

· Added the ability to prompt first time learners to change their password in the new user interface

· Added the ability to force first time learners to attempt a course on their first login in the new user interface

System Changes:

· We are applying necessary Windows updates to our servers

· Individual ILT sessions can no longer be added to curricula or course bundles

· Increased the visibility of the warning message that appears when an Admin enrols learners over the maximum ILT class size

· Added an API call to retrieve an activity by it's Activity ID

· Increased the allowable length for administrator email addresses to 250 characters

· The learner filtering rules will no longer apply to resources with the Instructor type

· The learner will now be informed they have earned a certificate when completing a certificate granting course in the new user interface

· The CourseID tag is now available as a variable for enrolment email templates

· Added an API call to retrieve a student's specific course expiration date

· The printable version of the user transcript was showing the last completion date of a course instead of the first

· In the Edit Learners > Enrolments screen ILT sessions will now display a complete time stamp including time zone

· The Excel exported version of the Transaction report will now have each Transaction Item on its own line

· Made a variety of changes to improve the security of the LMS

· In the Questions sub-report of the Quiz Heuristics report, you can now hover over the answer selection to see the full text of the answer

· Changed the appearance of encrypted passwords depending on whether learners are being edited via the admin interface or imported into the LMS

· Default evaluation questions are once again available for all clients



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully applied on October 15th, 2012.

System Changes:

· The ability to toggle between Active, Inactive, and Suspended users has been added back to the Course Summary report

· A column has been added to the Transaction Details report to show the value of the item before discount

· The LMS connection error was rewritten to provide more detail about where the error was occurring



Absorb 4 Update: September 19th 2012 Notes

This hotfix was deployed on Thursday, September 20th.

New Features

· Optional learner fields can now be used as variables in email templates

System Changes:

· When using Connect Pro to host an ILT, the link to the Connect Pro room will now be in the Location column rather than the Description column.



Absorb 4 Update:

This patch was successfully applied on September 12th, 2012.

New Features

· Added two new columns to the Certificate report: Educational Units and Credit Details

System Changes:

· The "Export to Excel" option for the Transactions report will now include the item level detail for each invoice



Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.3

New Features for September 3, 2012:

· Smart Departments can now be used as filters for both course bundles/curricula and resources

· Added the Smart Department Queue widget to the dashboard. Smart Department updates cannot be processed immediately due to their resource intensive nature. Instead, the updates will be placed into a queue which can be viewed with this widget. The upside of this is that Smart Departments can now update much more frequently.

· A System Usage report has been added. This will allow admins to see overall information about lessons, courses, ILTs, and learners at any department level

· Added 4 new buttons to the dashboard in the new user interface

· The E-Commerce->Transaction report has been overhauled. Each transaction now has the an extra report called Transaction Details which drills down to show which items were purchased, what discounts were used, and subtotals for everything.

· Added the "Export to Cross Tab" capability to the Quiz Heuristics->Questions report

· Answers to free-form questions can now be seen for anonymous surveys

· Added a {Salutation} customizable field to email templates

· Curricula can now be assigned to categories

· Added option to lockout users after too many failed login attempts

· Enrolment key links can now point directly to specific courses

· Curricula and course bundles now have a customizable certificate notes field

· Course bundles now have a customizable certificate title field

· Shopping cart contents can now be filtered by tags

· Added a customizable field to the order confirmation page of the shopping cart

· Added the "Include Sub-Departments" toggle to the Variable Pricing option for courses, course bundles, and curricula

· Added support for curricula/course bundles to the API

· Added the ability to send an ICS file to ILT instructors


The following items have already been applied to our system as hotfixes

· Added the "Middle Name" and "Language" field when importing learners

· The "Enrolment Key" column has been added as an optional column to the Enrolments report

· If the course evaluation option is set to "Mandatory", learners will now automatically be taken to the evaluation when the course is completed

· Added option to force complex passwords for users

System Changes:

· The appearance of the transcript report was improved

· The wording of the "Use Encrypted Passwords" option was updated to reflect that it cannot be undone

· Learners already enrolled in an ILT course that allows them to self-enrol in a session can now also be enrolled by an admin through the enrolments report

· Added "No Session" as an option to filter reports for learners that are enrolled in the ILT course but not a session

· Clarified the error message provided when exporting a course bundle report for a course bundle with no classes

· Removed the secondary report link columns "Report" and "Resources" from the exported Courses Summary report

· Column width is now evenly distributed when viewing many columns at once

· Completing an ILT session for a course with a certificate will now use the course end date as the default date for the certificate

· When learners enrol in an ILT course, but not into one of its sessions, their enrolment email will now let them know they need to login and select a session

· When adding a new course, if you were previously navigating inside of a course category that category will be selected by default for the new course

· Saved reports can now be deleted by administrators other than the original creator of the report

· If a course pop-up is blocked by a pop-up blocker, the system will inform the user why the window did not display

· In the new user interface, quizzes will now prompts learners if they wish to use up a quiz attempt

· Added the Lesson Title column to the Grades Report

· Course attachments are now visible in the new user interface

· Improved navigation when accessing a course inside a curricula in the new user interface

· Improved the SmartLab "Sign Up" widget

· Expired courses will now display under the users subscribed courses in the new interface

· The "Coupon Code" column will now display when exporting the View Transaction report to Excel


The following items have already been applied to our system as hotfixes

· When creating a new course and custom email the "Send to Department Administrator" check box was unselected by default

· The Learner Progress report can now only be pulled for 30 courses at the same time. This limit is temporary and was put in place as progress reports were causing significant performance issues. If you want to track learner progress for more than 30 courses you will need to pull multiple reports. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

· When creating new curricula the "Nudge Emails" option was selected by default

· Courses with no expiration date will now display "No Expiry" in corresponding learner emails

· System administrators can now see course bundles in the course chooser even if no one is enrolled in the bundle


Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.2

4.8.2 is currently scheduled for release on Sunday, June 17th, 2012 pending successful QA. The features and enhancements are listed below:

Enhancement: Course catalog slow (new interface) - the course catalog was changed to load "on-demand" instead of loading all data up front. This significantly improves the user experience and lessens the load on the servers.

Enhancement: Add gender field to dropdown menu when importing learners.

Enhancement: Course listings in chronological vs. alphabetical order in shopping cart - it will now be possible to specify the order of shopping cart items chronologically (applies to ILTs only) or alphabetically (the current default).

Enhancement: Improved course chooser speed - the "course chooser" popup on the admin side was loading slowly for clients with a large number of courses.

Enhancement: Added display column button to the main search menu. The method of adding and removing columns to our new grid system was not intuitive. Instead of right clicking on the header bar we have added a "Display Columns" button under "Filtering Options".

Enhancement: Sub dept menu slow to load - on reports that make use of a sub-departments drop down box the performance associated with it has been significantly improved.

Enhancement: Slow performance for smart dept admins with complicated filters - clients that make use of complex smart department filters were experiencing poor performance. This has been re-architected for improved performance.

Feature: RealEx Payment gateway added to the shopping cart.

Feature: New API method - UpdateStudentEnrollmentCourse - allows users to update subscription fields using the API.


Absorb 4 Update: 4.8.1

Features included in 4.8.1:

  • feature: API - add new methods to enrol and update enrolments
  • feature: Added N/A option for province/state
  • feature:admin - adding right click context menu javascript calls to the students report.
  • feature:admin - adding right click context menu javascript calls to the grades report.
  • feature: new shopping cart: send a confirmation email with the courses bought and an enrollment email for each course
  • feature:admin - adding smart departments to the dept progress report
  • feature : added column "mandatory" to the report.
  • Feature: added support for pass through sign-in
  • feature: ability to change the default behaviour of the dashboard main buttons for the current UI
  • feature: API - fix timezone display for classes.
  • feature: API : make UPSERT method more generic.


Absorb 4 Update: 4.7

Admin - Modified department drop down to be searchable

Admin - Modified course drop down to be searchable

For an example please watch this video: http://www.screencast.com/t/pvqTygQf

 Admin - Added a "Set as Default" button when saving a report filter API

- Get certificate based on the course and certificateid, get all certificates by courseid and flag for choosing expired certificate to be included or not

Admin - Added department tree in new departments report

Admin - Added course categories in new courses report

Admin - Added ICS file to enrollment email on new enrollment report

Admin - Reports will display local time instead of server time. This is based on your computer clock setting.

Admin - Ability to filter Connect Pro sessions by typing in the name

Admin - Support for course bundles added to new reports

Admin - Added ability to filter based on learners specified language (created when they choose a language prior to logging in)

SSO - Supports languages now

System - Added ability to have course bundle expiry override the course expiry under certain conditions. This means that any course in a bundle will take the expiration properties of the bundle. If a bundle is set to not expire, the course expirations will be enforced.

System - ICS cancellation files

System - Anonymous surveys (text entry survey questions are not supported)


Please direct any questions to support@absorblms.com

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