June 25th - AbsorbAdmin Intermittent Performance Issue


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Originally posted June 25, 2014.


June 25th 13:30 MDT: We are experiencing an intermittent performance issue on our secondary NA environment (AbsorbAdmin) that began at 12:30 MDT today. We are continuing to investigate as we work towards resolving the issue. Once we have more details they will be posted here.


June 25th 15:09 MDT: We have implemented a number of measures that should mitigate this issue, but due to its intermittent nature we will need to keep an eye on it over the next several days before we can confirm that is has been resolved. Once we are confident that is has, we will post a final update here.


June 30th 10:00 MDT: It appears that our changes have been effective at eliminating this issue. We'll keep an eye on this going forwards but the issue should be considered resolved at this time.

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