How Else Can I Customize Billboards?


Note: The pink section of this article applies specifically to portals that have upgraded to the New Learner Experience.

Applies to: Plus, & Enterprise Plans

There are a few additional settings for Billboards that can be configured by contacting Absorb:

In NLE the following settings can be adjusted by a System Admin via Manage Templates and will not require a ticket to Support.

  • Autoplay: When engaged this will automatically start any Video appearing in a Billboard on the Learner's Dashboard as soon as they advance to that particular item. The default setting for this is 'On'. When set to 'Off' the Learner will see either the Video (Poster) or the opening frame of the media file, depending on the Admin's image choice, after which they will need to manually start the Video using the built-in media player controls.
  • Crossfade: When engaged this will perform a fade transition between the individual Billboards as each one cycles (be it manually or automatically) through the series of messages on the Learner's Dashboard. The default setting for this is 'On'. When set to 'Off' the cycling between Billboards is performed with a fast wipe transition instead.
  • Interval: This is the time between Billboard transitions that occurs automatically if the Learner does not use the feature's built-in navigation controls. The default setting for this is 10,000 milliseconds (i.e. 10 seconds).
  • Tags: The default setting for the Learner Interface is to only display one set of Billboards at the top of the Dashboard page, which makes the tagging function unnecessary . However, if the Admin wishes to have more than one set of Billboards appear on a Learner's Dashboard then they will need to provide Absorb with the following information: the Tag names they have added and/or used while creating their Billboards; the desired Dashboard location for their additional set of Billboards; and, which Tags to associate with each Billboard location.
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