How Do I Share a URL for my Uploaded Files?


An important aspect of the Preview File option is that the URL address displayed in the browser window of the previewed item can be copied as a web link and shared with other LMS users so they can view it as well - provided they have the required permission to access it.  Keep in mind that sharing this information only enables a user to view the displayed content. If they actually need to work with the File, then it will have to be accessed by the Admin via the File Manager directly.

If your browser is not able to present the file within the window, it will instead download it for you. An alternative to retrieving the file URL is to right click on the Preview File icon. Depending on your browser, you will need to click on “Copy Link” for Edge, “Copy Link Address” for Chrome, “Copy Link Location” for Firefox, or “Copy Shortcut” for Internet Explorer. The URL will be copied to your computer’s clipboard, and can be pasted wherever needed.

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