How Do I Reset a User's Lesson Status?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

The Reset Lesson Activity function is found in Users > User Transcript > Edit Activity

As the Admin you have the option to reset Lessons and/or change an individual Lesson Status to Not Complete. Using either of these options will have the Lesson(s) show up as still to be worked on by the Learner the next time they open their portal and look at their Courses.

Used in conjunction with the Message User Action, you can reset individual Lessons that you want your Learner to do over entirely and/or Lessons that have Attempts remaining, for which you want to see if the Learner can achieve a better Lesson Score.

Neither of these will impact the bottom line of the overall Course Score or Status, but it does give you another tool to use with your Learners when it comes to Courses.

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