Why Were Additional Users Selected After Using a Report Filter?


When you need to perform a Mass Action on multiple entries contained in one of your filtered Reports, make sure you do not select any entries until after your Report Filter has done its job.

(This holds true for both individual items you might select manually and/or the Select This Page option which could potentially flag as many as 1000 entries at once depending on how you have configured the display of your Report).

The reason is because Absorb will still 'hold onto' your previous selections from before you triggered your Filter - even if they shouldn't be a part of your post-filtered results. As a result, should you happen to forget to keep this in mind, you could potentially end up making a large number of unwanted changes to your Report (maybe even some that can't easily be undone) and not even know that you did it.

In order to make sure this never happens to you, always make a point of checking in with the Item Count in the top right corner of the Report Grid. If you see a number different than what you expect, it's a good hint that you may have accidentally included some unwanted selections.

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