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To enable our clients who have purchased Absorb Content to browse, review, and determine which pieces of content they want to share with their Learners; we have implemented the new Absorb Content Catalog. Administrators can use all the same Filters previously available on the report style Catalog along with new visual Category browsing. Additionally the option to Preview a course before converting it into an LMS course is available. This refined Catalog is closely aligned to how content is presented by our content partners and should feel right at home for clients who are familiar with those experiences.


Opening the Content Report

The Content Report is located under the Courses menu instead of the Reports menu. The following steps detail the method to locate and open the report:

  1. Access the Admin Interface in your Portal.
  2. Click the Courses button on the left hand side. This will open the Courses menu.
  3. Select Absorb Content from the Courses menu. The Absorb Content report will open.
Important Note

When your Absorb Content contract is within 90 days of the expiration date, a warning will appear on both the card and table version of the Absorb Content Report.


Important Note

When Courses in your Absorb Content contract are within 90 days of their archive (retirement) date, a warning will appear on both the card and table version of the Absorb Content Report.

The filter in the warning can be applied to quickly narrow down the report to only show those Courses nearing retirement.

Absorb Content Report - Courses Retiring Warning - Action Highlighted.png


Contract Selection

When an Administrator accesses the Absorb Content report, one of their available contracts will be automatically selected. If a client has access to multiple content contracts, then the one which appears first alphabetically will be selected by default. The selected contract appears in a drop-down menu in the top right corner of the report.

Absorb Content - Contract Selector Revised.png

Absorb Content Report - Table View Neutral.png


If you are using a Pick Contract, you can now access this on the new Absorb Content Report.
Absorb Content Report - Pick Contract.png


If the Administrator does not have access to any contracts, then a message will appear directing them to engage with account management to get a Content Contract added.

Absorb Content - No Contracts Banner.png


Category Filters

When browsing the Absorb Content report, there are two ways in which Category Filters can be applied. One is through the standard Filter which can be reached using the recommended Filter or the funnel icon.

The other is using the Category tiles that are displayed for contracts which leverage Categories.

Absorb Content - Categories Neutral Revised.png


When a Category tile is selected, it is applied as a Filter and the courses displayed align to that Category. Additionally any nested Categories are displayed; these Categories can be selected and will then be applied as the Category filter. Only one branch of a Category hierarchy can be selected at a time.

Absorb Content - Categories Drilled Down Revised.png


When a Category tile has been selected, it is possible to navigate back up through the hierarchy using the arrow button which appears to the left of the selected Category name.


Available Category Filters

It is possible to leverage several Filters when browsing the Absorb Content report, the following Filters are available for use:

  • Author

  • Content Type

  • Converted to Course

  • Date Archived

  • Description

  • Duration (min)

  • Languages

  • Last Publication Date

  • Mobile Compatible

  • Tags

  • Title

  • Topics

Absorb Content - Filters Revised.png

Absorb Content - Filters Applied Revised.png


Course Details

The courses contained within a contract are displayed in the form of Course Cards, the following details are displayed on each card:

  • Thumbnail

  • Course Title

  • Content Type

  • Duration

  • Author

Absorb Content - Card Revised.png


It is possible to interact with each Course Card and view additional details about the course, including the following:

  • Course Poster

  • Course Title

  • Content Type

  • Author

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Duration

Absorb Content - Details Modal Revised.png


The following Actions are available on each Course Card, and from the details view:

  • Convert
  • Preview

It is possible to use the Select Courses Action to enter Select Mode. In this mode, it is possible to select as many courses as there are displayed on the page.

It is possible to use the Convert to Course Action to Convert the courses which have been selected.

Absorb Content - Select Mode Revised.png


Course Preview

When the Preview Action is used from either a Course Card or the Details view, the course will open in a pop up Course Player.

The Administrator can complete the course without any activity data being recorded.

Absorb Content - Preview.png


Course Conversion

When the Convert Action is used from either a Course Card or the Details view, the Convert to Course configuration is displayed. The Administrator can define the settings which will be applied to the courses selected for conversion. The following settings are available:

Setting Options
Allow Self Enrollment


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Departments
  • Self Enrollment Rules

All Learners

Enable Automatic Enrollment


  • Automatic Enrollment Rules

All Learners

Certificate Determine if the default Certificate for the LMS will be awarded for the course.
Category Determine the LMS Category that the course will be added to.
Admin Editors Determine which Admins will be set for the Admin Editors field.


Absorb Content - Convert to Course Revised.png

Additionally, when the Convert Action is used from either a Course Card or the Details view, the following attributes of the Course will be propagated to the Course and Lesson which are created.

  • Author
    • This will appear on the Lesson.
  • Content Type
    • This will appear on the Lesson.
  • Duration (Minutes)
    • This will appear on the Lesson.
  • External ID
    • This will appear on the Lesson.
  • Tags
    • This will appear on the Course among other Course Tags.

The fields outlined above can be added as fields and filters on the following reports:

  • Courses
  • Course Summary

Edit Lesson - Content Meta Data Fields.png

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