Absorb 5 Update: 5.31


This release is planned for deployment on May 22, 2016. Please note: all features listed here are subject to change between now and then at the discretion of our development team. If this occurs, these notes will be updated accordingly.


New Features

  • When admins make changes to, or cancel a session, no messages were being sent to learners. Messages will now be sent alerting users to the changes and containing .ics files which will remove any old calendar dates and add new ones if appropriate.
  • System admins will now be able to decide whether they want their portal to avail of the Absorb Companion App



  • Absorb assessments were tracking time spent as the time completed minus the time launched, without taking into account time spent away from the assessment. Assessments will now be tracked as the amount of time the user takes while the assessment is open



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