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Originally posted August 29, 2013.


This content is relevant to Absorb 4 only.


In the coming weeks, we will be moving to Edgecast's Content Delivery Network(CDN) as a replacement for the Amazon Cloudfront service we were using previously. We realize that we only recently implemented Cloudfront, however it had significant issues handling video content and also doesn't offer the same level of performance as Edgecast.


 What is a CDN and what does it do for me?


CDNs store copies of your site content at various locations around the world allowing your users to connect to and download from the location that will provide the best speed. If you have learners that are distributed globally or who are in locations other than EU or NA they should notice a significant improvement in latency. 


 What kinds of content will be affected?


We will be using the CDN to deliver static resources such as:


  • Images/ UI Elements
  • Back end website code
  • MP4 videos*
  • Resources (PDFs, documents, etc.)*

*At this time, user uploaded content is currently only distributed via a CDN in Absorb 4


What do you need to do to prepare?


First, it’s important to note that static content delivery over Edgecast will only be enabled for those clients using our latest, HTML5 enabled, interface. However, if you are planning on upgrading in the near future you may want to prepare as well.

 Edgecast will be delivering the content to your learners using a different URL then is being used currently. If your learners access the LMS from a corporate environment that blocks unknown sites you may need to have their IT department add the following domains to their firewall white-list:



  • US Clients: and
  • EU Clients:


Otherwise, there will be no changes necessary to prepare for the implementation of Edgecast.

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