May 13th, 2014 Service Disruption


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Originally posted May 13, 2014.


Final Incident Report for May 13th, 2014:

 At 1:28pm MDT one of our Amazon servers that hosts the database experienced a hardware failure. We immediately initiated our failover procedure to our backup systems and were able to bring the LMS back up 23 minutes later. However, we were experiencing significant performance issues related to the failover so we decided to suspend admin access in the short term until the performance stabilized. By 2:45 PM MDT the learner interface performance had returned to normal and at 4:59PM MDT we were able to restore admin access.


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Update #4 (4:59PM): We are slowly bringing the admin interface back up across all servers. Initial access may be sluggish until more of the data is cached but it should stabilize later this evening.


Update #2 (2:45PM): The LMS is now running on our backup hardware, but due to the strain we are experiencing a number of performance issues across the board. As an interim measure, we have disabled admin access for both and portals. The learner interface remains accessible and we are currently seeing regular, albeit slower, traffic there.


Update: As of 1:58PM MDT all sites were back up after experiencing approximately 20 minutes of downtime. We are still investigating the cause and will update this article when we know more. 


Original: We are currently experiencing an outage on our North American instances. We are in the process falling back to our back up systems and should be back up shortly. Please continue to watch this post for more information.


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