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How It Works

Absorb's Setup module also provides Admins with a Generated Reports tool. With it Admins can review any Report(s) that they may have previously created and exported to their computing device, for use in a different software application other than the LMS.

Any time an exportable Report file is generated in any part of the LMS it is also captured here, so that if the historical data contained in the Report ever needs to be accessed again at a future date, it is still available.

Items in Generated Reports are available for re-exportation in the format that they were originally created in: XLS format for use in MS Excel; and CSV format for use in other non-Excel spreadsheet applications.


Absorb's Generated Reports tool will launch using the standard Report layout as its starting point where an Admin can: download a Generated Report; delete a Generated Report; or, run a custom Generated Reports - Report.

The basic Generated Reports - Report can be customized to provide data on any of the following parameters:

Element Description
Date Added§ This column displays the date the Generated Report was first created and saved to the LMS.
ID This column displays the Generated Reports' identifier automatically assigned by the LMS and can be used in creating deep links in Absorb.
Name§ This column displays the title of the Generated Report.
Report Type§ This column displays the name of LMS feature in Absorb where the Generated Report was originally created.

§ These columns display by default when opening the Generated Reports page

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