Generated Reports Overview

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The Generated Reports menu provides you with a list of all reports that you have previously exported or downloaded. It will also include reports that are automatically exported by your LMS using the Scheduled Report feature.

Previously generated reports that are listed in your Generated Reports menu can be downloaded again in the format that they were originally created in, and with all of the data that was captured at that time.

The Generated Reports menu is located in the Setup tab on the left side of your Admin Interface. From here, you can filter results based on a variety of data points. 

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Report Data

You can customize this report to provide information on many different data points in order to tailor it to your preferences. The available data fields, which are the columns in the report, are listed below:

Element Description
Created By This column displays the name of the Admin that generated the references report.
Date Added* This column displays the date the referenced report was generated.
ID This column displays the unique identifier for the referenced report. This ID was automatically assigned by the LMS at the time of export.
Nickname* This column will display the Nickname you have designated to this report when you created it as a Saved Layout.
Report Type* This column displays the name of Report where the referenced report was originally created.
Report Format* This column displays the format that the referenced report was downloaded. Options either CSV or Excel.
Time to Generate* This column displays the amount of time that was needed to create a report file that could be downloaded to your computer.

* Columns shown automatically as part of the default report view.

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