Admins can view a list of Saved Reports. Here, Admins can view a listing of all the Report layout(s) that they have previously created and saved in the LMS. Any time an Admin creates a custom Report - one that they might want to be able to run again at a future date - they have the option to save that Report's specific filtering and layout configuration to the LMS. This provides an Admin with the means to generate the same Report, but with new data, whenever they need it - without having to reconstruct that same Report each time.

To view this list of saved layouts in Saved Reports, sign in to the Admin Dashboard, click the Setup icon ( gear.png) and then choose Saved Reports.  


The Saved Reports tool will then display.  This tool provides a means of accessing and organizing the inventory of all the Report layouts that an Admin has saved to the LMS as well as any other saved layouts that have been shared with the user as a member of a specific Admin group.

You also see some additional information for those saved layouts that have been configured to send out regularly scheduled emails. By clicking the Display Columns icon (scolumns.png ), you can also add columns that indicate if this email Is Scheduled or Shared.



Given that this tool has been created primarily for display and informative purposes, the only activities that an Admin can perform here are to Delete Saved Reports (layouts) they no longer need and/or to run a custom Report on the contents of the Saved Reports.

Please note: Any report that is deleted here is permanently removed from the LMS and cannot be recovered.



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