Why Can't I Rename or Delete Files in the File Manager?


In the case of adding a New Folder, renaming and/or deleting an existing File and/or Folder, Absorb's File Manager will always open up a new dialog box where you can confirm the selected Action.

Now while this should not present an issue to an Admin, it is important to note that certain browsers will offer you the option to prevent the File Manager from being able to open additional dialog boxes, once the current Action is complete. This is usually offered by the browser as a convenience option in order to keep you from being subjected to an endless number of pop-ups that some malicious web sites automatically initiate.

While this feature will likely vary somewhat from web browser to web browser, if you do enable an option like this then you may find you are unable to repeat that selected Action any more times during your session.  If this occurs simply end your Absorb session and then log back in again. And if that doesn't work, then restart your browser entirely and/or even reset your browser settings, in order to have it work normally again.

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