How Do I Determine when Sub-Departments Affect my Report?


When using this Department Progress Report you can get a clue as to the hierarchy of one of your Departments item by looking at its two Users Columns called 'Users' and 'Users (including Sub-Depts)'.

If the two Columns don't have the same number, then you are looking at a Department that has one or more Sub-Departments beneath it. And if they do have the same number, then you are either looking at a stand-alone Department all by itself, or a Sub-Department that has no more Sub-Departments beneath it.

Since the Department Progress Report isn't intended to provide detailed information on Department structure, it can sometimes be helpful to also open up the Departments Report in another web browser tab alongside this one, so you have some added context for the Report data you are using. Add the same filtering to both Reports by Department name and you will be able to analyze your results even easier.

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