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Completely unique to editing a Learner's Lesson Activity Status, is what happens when you choose the Not Completed option.

At the overall Course level, the LMS will translate this selection into either a Not Started or In Progress Status state (as you learned earlier in this topic).

But when you impose this Not Completed Status on a Learner's Activity at the Lesson level - it shows up in the Learner's Activity Report as Not Complete (make sure you take note of the difference in the spelling between the two terms) - an entirely different Status altogether. How come?

The reason is that having this stand alone Lesson Status option can end up being really useful to you when:

  • One of your Learners has Failed a Lesson and you want them to try again and obtain a passing grade.
  • One of your Learners has Completed a Lesson and you still want them to try again (and maybe obtain a better passing grade, if the Lesson is Scored).
  • The actual contents of the Lesson has been changed for an important reason, and so you expressly need the Learner to go back and take this latest version of the Lesson again, before their training in the Course can be actually be finished.

When you next encounter this particular Status in the Learner's Lesson Activity it will be very noticeable given that it is different from all the rest and so can provide you with a visual cue that something still needs to happen. And then when the Learner encounters the consequences of this Status change in their portal, they will see that they still have a Lesson in the Course that is not finished.

The single most important thing to remember about this option, is that if you decide to use it - you must make sure that the Learner still has at least one Remaining Attempt left in their Lesson. Because, if they have already reached their Maximum Attempts in the Lesson and then are marked as Not Complete - they will be locked out of that Lesson and will be unable to try again.

For that reason make it a standing rule to always check the Remaining Attempts a Learner has before you click the Continue button on their Not Completed Lesson Status.

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