How Do I Add Custom Fields?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

While Absorb offers a variety of default fields to be used for user information, admins have the option of adding additional fields. If helpful to your organization, you can create custom fields within your Portal Settings which can be found under the Account Settings icon in the top right navigation pane of your portal. Once you've reached your Portal Settings, the Custom Fields tab will allow you to add, edit, and delete Custom Fields as needed.

For step-by-step instructions, please visit our Adding a Custom Field article within our knowledge base. 

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    Susie Bernard

    If this is a "How do I?" article, where is the "How to" part of it? This shows a screen shot but does not provide step-by-step instructions to answer the question: How do I create custom fields to include as CSV column headings when importing users in bulk? I found the Custom Fields page but have no description of each text box on that page. Not intuitive how to do this. For example, define "Custom Regex," label the fields as to the type of input needed (and syntax required). What is the List Item referring to? No idea how to proceed here....

    As an overall suggestion, ordered procedures can be very helpful for users when provided in the online Help.

    Thank you! :)

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    Ryan Bruce

    Hey Susie, 

    This is one of our FAQs which isn't intended to be an in-depth How-To article, which is why you're not seeing an ordered procedure. If you have questions regarding Custom Field set up, you're always welcome to submit a ticket using our Submit a Request form. One of our support team will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about getting set up!

    Ryan Bruce

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