Why Is Report Generation Taking a Long Time?

Generating your Report Files normally takes very little time to complete (like only a matter of seconds), but on some occasions if you happen to have a really large / complicated file to assemble, the LMS may need a little more time to carry out your request.

Should this ever happen you can choose to close the progress modal in your portal (displayed at the beginning of this drop down) and carry on with your work, but also understand that once it is closed the LMS will not be able to notify you when your Report file is complete.

That does not mean that your file request has been cleared, it just means that you will need to launch the Generated Reports Report and grab your newly created file found at the top of the other Report instead.

Another option is to try and hold off running your file requests for those Reports that you know will be time intensive (if you can), until towards the end of you daily session and that way you can leave it to finish compiling, for when you get back.

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