What's the Difference Between Reset Layout & Using Browser Refresh?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Absorb's Reset Layout button is sort of similar to the reload / refresh button in the web browser you use to access your LMS portal.

However, the main difference between these two buttons is that while Absorb's Reset Layout button will only reset the Layout of your current Report (and return it back to Absorb's original Absorb configuration), the same version in a web browser will reload the entire LMS Report page.

Because of the differences in what these buttons will do, if you have assigned a Saved Layout as a Favorite (as described in the Edit section below), then when you hit your browser's reload button, everything on your page will be refreshed.

And as your page is loading again the LMS will use your Favorite Saved Layout instead of the program's default version of your Report. Which means that it works exactly the same as if you had navigated to that particular Report at the start of your session.

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