Absorb Engage: News Articles

Introduction to News Articles

The Absorb Engage upgrade includes the News Articles feature.  With it, Admins can publish content specifically targeted at select audiences, delivered via the Learner Dashboard.  Once a New Article is published, learners will see it available in their News Articles Tile.  Learners have the option to open a summary of the story, and, if interested, continue to the full article.

Instructions: How to Add a News Article 

Step 1

Navigate to the Collaboration Report page by clicking the Engage button from the Admin Menu and choose News Articles from the sub-menu.   You will be routed to the News Articles Report page.

Step 2

From the News Articles Report page, click the News Articles button from the right-hand context menu. You will be routed to the Add News Article form.

Step 3

Configure the News Article settings:

  • Title: Enter a Title for the News Article.
    • This information is visible in both the Learner and the Admin experiences.
    • This is a required field.

  • Description:  Enter a description of the News Article.

  • Article Image: Click the Choose File button to upload an image file.
    • The image size is 310 x 310 pixels.

  • Author: The Author field will automatically populate the name of the Admin who initially creates the News Article.
    • You can change this value by clicking the field and selecting a new name from the drop-down menu.

  • Publication: Click the toggle button to choose a publication status: Not Published or Published.  The default setting is Published.
    • Not Published = The News Article will not be visible to Learners and only accessible from the Admin Interface.
    • Published = Once saved, the News Article will be immediately displayed and visible to Learners the next time they navigate to the Dashboard.

  • Availability Tab: The Availability Tab is where you establish rules to identify which learners will have visibility of the News Article.
    • Default settings will automatically include all users within your Absorb LMS environment.
    • Select the Add Rule button to create and apply Availability Rules to the News Article.

Step 4

Click the Save button to save and close the News Article.  You will return to the News Article Reports page.





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