Introduction to News Articles

The Absorb Engage upgrade includes the News Articles feature.  With it, Admins can publish content specifically targeted at select audiences, delivered via the Learner Dashboard.  Once a New Article is published, learners will see it available in their News Articles Tile.  Learners have the option to open a summary of the story, and, if interested, continue to the full article.

Instructions: How to Add a News Article 

Step 1

Navigate to the Collaboration Report page by clicking the Engage button from the Admin Menu and choose News Articles from the sub-menu.   You will be routed to the News Articles Report page.

Step 2

From the News Articles Report page, click the News Articles button from the right-hand context menu. You will be routed to the Add News Article form.

Step 3

Configure the News Article settings:

  • Title: Enter a Title for the News Article.
    • This information is not visible in the Learner Experience and is used for administrative identification only.
    • This is a required field.

  • Description:  Enter a description of the News Article.

  • Article Image: Click the Choose File button to upload an image file.
    • The image size is 310 x 310 pixels.

  • Author: The Author field will automatically populate the name of the Admin who initially creates the News Article.
    • You can change this value by clicking the field and selecting a new name from the drop-down menu.

  • Publication: Click the toggle button to choose a publication status: Not Published or Published.  The default setting is Published.
    • Not Published = The News Article will not be visible to Learners and only accessible from the Admin Interface.
    • Published = Once saved, the News Article will be immediately displayed and visible to Learners the next time they navigate to the Dashboard.

  • Availability Tab: The Availability Tab is where you establish rules to identify which learners will have visibility of the News Article.
    • Default settings will automatically include all users within your Absorb LMS environment.
    • Select the Add Rule button to create and apply Availability Rules to the News Article.

Step 4

Click the Save button to save and close the News Article.  You will return to the News Article Reports page.





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