Absorb Engage: Polls

Introduction to Polls

With the Absorb Engage upgrade, you can tap into valuable Learner feedback by using the Poll feature. Polls are open-ended, allowing you to create any question type as well as designing the queries to solicit fact-based, opinion-based, or choice-based responses.

Once a Poll is published, administrators can monitor results over time and use the data as needed to pivot deliverables.



Instructions: How to Add a Poll

Step 1

Navigate to the Collaboration Report page by clicking the Engage button from the Admin Menu and choose Polls from the sub-menu.   You will be routed to the Polls Report page.

Step 2

From the Polls Report page, click the Poll button from the right-hand context menu. You will be routed to the Add Poll form.

Step 3

Configuring General Settings

The first section (tab) of the Add Poll form is labeled General.  Here you will configure the following:

  • Question: Enter the Poll question in the Question field.
    • Note: Polls can only pose a single question.

  • Option/Answer: Enter a response choice in the Option/Answer field.
    • Create additional choices by clicking the Add Option/Choice button.

  • Author: The Author field will automatically populate the name of the Admin who initially creates the Poll.
    • You can change this value by clicking the field and selecting a new name from the drop-down menu.

  • Publication: Click the toggle button to choose a publication status: Not Published or Published.  The default setting is Not Published.
    • Not Published = The Poll will not be visible to Learners and only accessible from the Admin Interface.
    • Published = Once saved, the Poll will be immediately displayed and visible to Learners the next time they navigate to the Dashboard.

Step 4

Configuring Availability Settings

The second section (tab) of the Add Poll form is labeled General. Here is where you establish rules to identify which learners will have visibility of the Poll.

Default settings will automatically include all users within your Absorb LMS environment.

  • Click the Add Rule button to create and apply Availability Rules to the Poll.

Step 5

Click the Save button to save and close the Poll.  You will return to the Poll Reports page.




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