Video Lesson Subtitles

Subtitles are lines of text that appear at the bottom of the screen and denote dialogue or sounds. A Subtitle file can be uploaded to the LMS when creating or editing a Video Lesson. The Subtitle file must be in the .VTT format, or the LMS will be unable to correctly utilize it. Once uploaded to the LMS a Learner watching a Video Lesson with Subtitles will be able to observe text at the bottom of the screen.


Adding Subtitles to a Video Lesson

The steps in this section assume you are familiar with how to create a Video Lesson. Additional details about creating a Video Lesson can be found here.

The following method showcases how to add a .VTT file to the Subtitles section of a Video Lesson:

  1. Add a new Video Learning Object or edit an existing one. The Add/Edit a Video Lesson modal frame will open.
  2. On the Add/Edit a Video Lesson modal frame, scroll down to or expand the Options section.
  3. Directly under expanded Options is the Subtitles section. Click Add Subtitle. The Subtitles section will expand. Two new fields will appear: Language and Source.

  4. Click Choose under Language and select your preferred Language from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under Source you must select whether you have a File or URL for your .VTT file. If you select File you must also click Choose File and upload the .VTT from your computer.
  6. Once your Subtitle has been uploaded, click Apply at the bottom of the frame.


Automatic Subtitles with Absorb Pinpoint

Instead of providing a .VTT file it is possible to TranscribeVideo Lesson uploaded to the system. The Transcribe option should only be used if the Video Lesson you are using has been uploaded directly to the LMS.

The following method showcases how to use the Transcribe Video feature to generate Subtitles for your Video Lesson:

  1. Under Options on the Edit/Add a Video Lesson modal frame, you will find the Transcribe Video toggle. Click the the toggle to turn it On. This will expand the Transcribe Video section.
  2. Now that the Transcribe Video feature has been turned on, transcription will begin once the Video Lesson has been saved.
  3. Select your desired Language by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the correct option.
  4. Click the box next to Use transcription as an auto-generated subtitle so that the transcription, once generated, will be applied as a Subtitle to the Video Lesson.
  5. Once you have satisfied with your Video Lesson, make sure to select Apply at the bottom of the frame.
Generated Transcription File

Please note that when you use Absorb Pinpoint to transcribe a Video Lesson, the generated transcription will be saved as a .VTT file in the Portal's File Manager.


Using Subtitles

Once your Subtitle file has been uploaded to the intended Video Lesson and all changes are saved to the respective course. Your Learners will be able to toggle the Subtitles on or off when they are watching the video.

After launching the Video Lesson the Learner should observe a CC button to the far right of their video controller.



Hovering your mouse over the CC button will reveal options to toggle the Subtitles on or off for the Video Lesson.



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