Message Templates


Absorb's Setup module also provides Admins with a Message Templates tool. With it Admins have the option to customize any of the standard email notifications that are automatically generated and sent out by Absorb to Users across multiple administrative and learning scenarios that occur in the LMS.

In addition to providing Admins with the means to change the wording of any of their preset Message Templates (including any of the templates in any of the other Available Languages that have been enabled in their portal) this tool also allows Admins to configure the types of LMS users that will receive the email notification when it is generated as well - Learners, Administrators and/or Supervisors.


How It Works

Fundamental to any productive LMS is the ability to be able to communicate to many types of users across many different learning situations - easily, efficiently and effectively. As such, the more information that can be conveyed by an LMS automatically, the more Admins are free to do other more specialized work and subsequently the more beneficial an organization's training program can become. In Absorb this important business need is addressed through the use of Message Templates.


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