Absorb's Setup module also provides Admins with a Logins tool. With it Admins can obtain a detailed account of all the User access events that have occurred in their portal, both successful and unsuccessful, so that they can keep track of all of the individuals using the LMS.


How It Works

Similar to the System Usage tool, Absorb's Logins Report also serves an analytical purpose by keeping track of the Login attempts of Learners, Instructors and Admins seeking to access the LMS.

The information provided by a Logins Report can be utilized by an Admin in monitoring their portal to make sure that user credentials are not being misused by an unauthorized individual attempting to gain admittance to the LMS. Alternatively, the data provided here can also help in troubleshooting any issues a legitimate User might be having in trying to access their training.

From the results of this Report, Admins also have the further option to select a single Login event and then edit the profile, view the Learner Transcript or generate a User Enrollments Report for the individual User associated with that event.


The editing options possible in the Logins Report matches the behavior of the tools contained in Absorb's Reports module, in that the Admin can choose to launch additional features located elsewhere in the LMS, based on what they learn from the information displayed in this Report.


After selecting an individual Login event from the Report, the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Edit User This button will redirect the Admin to the Edit User Action Panel where they can update the profile of the LMS User associated with the Login event they selected.
Learner Transcript This button will redirect the Admin to the Learner Transcript page where they can view the Transcript and edit the individual Course and/or Lesson activity of the LMS User associated with the Login event they selected.
View Enrollments This button will redirect the Admin to a filtered User Enrollments Report where they can view / update the Enrollments of the LMS User associated with the Login event they selected.
Deselect This button will clear any Logins selection(s) made by the Admin in the Logins Report.


Absorb's Logins tool will launch using the standard Report layout as its starting point where an Admin can run a custom Logins Report.

Logins Report

The basic Logins Report can be customized to provide data on any of the following parameters:

Element Description
ID This column displays the identifier that was automatically assigned by the LMS to the individual User's (successful or unsuccessful) access attempt.
Time* This column displays the date and time of when the individual User access attempt was initiated.
Username* This column displays the unique identifier assigned to a specific Absorb User, based on that individual's name or email address, in order to distinguish them from others in the LMS.
Was Successful* This column displays the binary 'Yes'/'No' status of whether or not the individual User's attempt to access the LMS was successful.
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