This article explains the options available when generating a report and how to generate one.  

File Options

When using the Generate Report File feature in Absorb, the Admin can choose from the following exportable data file formats:

Element Image Description
Excel (XLS)

This type of Generated Report is a data file for use in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft's Excel and/or Apple's Numbers programs (in addition to any other types of software that support the format) and is often the best choice for working with LMS data.


This type of Generated Report is a commonly-used, tabular, plain text data file can be used by most spreadsheets, database management systems and/or programming languages; and is often the best choice for sharing LMS data, between programs.


A downloadable version of the current Report, encoded into an exportable data file format, can be created by using the Generated Report File workspace.

Element Image Description
File Format

This drop down menu provides a list of the two available exportable file formats that the Admin can select from in order to assemble their Generated Report.


This portion of the interface provides the executable options available to the Admin.


When creating a Generated Report File the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Generate Report File This button will open the Generate Report File workspace.
Generate This button will execute the creation of the Report in the exportable file format that the Admin has selected from the Output Files drop down list.
Cancel This button will close the Generate Report File dialog box, without completing the conversion (which the Admin will not be prompted to confirm) and resume the current session.
Close This button will terminate the generation of the Report file as it is being created, close the conversion process dialog box (which the Admin will not be prompted to confirm) and resume the current session.
Download Report This button will initiate the transfer of the Generated Report File, from Absorb's external file server, to the Admin's local Download folder being used by the web browser on their computing device.
Send Email Upon  Completion   send_email_.png This button will direct the system to email you when the report has been completed.


Absorb's Generate Report File button will open a workspace to allow the Admin to compile an exportable file of their Report, which they can then download and use in other software programs (and a copy of which will also be stored for future use in their list of Generated Reports, as well).



While the actual application / use of Absorb's exportable data files is not specifically covered within this product guide - the LMS does provide the aforementioned output formats which Admins can create and use external to the LMS, for any one of their portal's Reports as often as they see fit:

  • Excel (xls data ).
  • Comma Separated Values (csv data ).


Regardless of what Report is being viewed, as soon as the Admin's desired output file type is chosen and the Generate button is triggered, Absorb will start the task of converting the LMS data to the desired format.

The resulting output file will reflect the version of the Report that the Admin is currently viewing during their session (i.e. any applied filtering, sorting, reordering, etc.) at the moment the Generate Report File Action is executed.

This behavior is consistent regardless of the state the Admin's current Report is in and holds true for:

  • Default versions of the Report.
  • Saved Layout versions of the Report.
  • Modified versions of either of the above types.

As soon as the conversion process is complete, the LMS will prompt the Admin to Download the generated report.


This message confirms that the Report Action was completed. From here the Admin can download the exported file (via their chosen external application) and then choose to save the file to a local or network storage destination.


Excel files created by Absorb using this Action will include the following content:

  • Report Name.
  • Report Date.
  • Item Count 
  • Report Data (organized by columns and labeled with a header row).

Comma Separated Value files created by Absorb using this Action will only include the following content:

  • Report Data (organized by columns and labeled with a header row).

The information for this particular type of file is limited to just the Report's heading and individual data entries, so that it can be more freely utilized by other non-LMS programs.

Regardless of type, all Absorb's Generated Report Files use the same naming convention, which is a combination of the following:

  • Name of the Report (e.g. "Logins-2017-12-31-01-59.CSV").
  • Year, Month, Day and Time the file was created (e.g. "Logins-2017-12-31-01-59.CSV").
  • File format extension ("Logins-2017-12-31-01-59.CSV").


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