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Absorb's Report Actions provide the Admin with the ability to execute generalized commands on individual LMS Reports, treated as a single combined unit.

Print Options

Creating physical copies of an Absorb portal's Reports requires an independent web browser (which is used for the Admin's LMS session) and an external printer, both of which are outside the direct control of the LMS (and also the scope of this guide).

However, any pairing that the Admin decides to use during their Absorb sessions should, at a minimum, provide them with the following printing options:

  • Printing the Report.
  • Canceling the print job.
  • Changing the destination of the print job.
  • Adjusting the layout of the Report.
  • Converting the output format of the Report via the Admin's web browser and/or through their printer's UI.


Regardless of which web browser product that the Admin chooses to use for their Absorb session, every Report printed via the LMS will always include the following content:

  • Report Header (e.g. current date, print out name, etc.).
  • Portal Name.
  • Report Name.
  • Items Selected (if any).
  • Saved Layout Name (if applicable).
  • Item Count.
  • Report Data (organized by columns and labeled with a header row).
  • Footer* (e.g. Report's URL, page count, etc.).

When working with Absorb's Print Report feature, the Action available for use by the Admin is:

Element Image Description
Print Report* This button will open (via the Admin's web browser) the user interface responsible for generating physical copies of the Admin's current Report, already loaded with a printable preview of their selected content.

Clicking on Absorb's Print Report button will trigger the Admin's web browser to launch its printer UI (something similar to the sample provided below) where the Admin can preview / adjust their Report and then print a hard copy of the page they are currently accessing.


The default print layout that an Admin will encounter in their Report's print preview (and for every one of the Reports contained in their Absorb portal), is partially determined by the LMS and partially by the Admin's own web browser software.

With respect to the Absorb program, its only job is to pass the Report content over to the web browser (along with the basic construct of the print layout to be used), after which the Admin's browser does the rest.

Should the Admin wish to customize the printed output of their current Report beyond what is shown in the preview, then they must do so using the tools of their web browser after that.

However, beyond the very limited adjustments that the Admin's web browser can do, the only other option for controlling the print layout of a Report, is for the Admin to alter the number of columns and entries shown in their Report and then generate it again.

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