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The File Manager used to add content to Absorb LMS is based on an industry standard style file uploader. Admins can use Absorb's built-in File Manager to upload and manage any learning content that they might need to access and use in the LMS.  It also allows Admins to upload and manage their organization's learning assets that have been created externally and to even allow these to be accessed outside the LMS. In addition, the File Manager can be used to help control which users are permitted access to a given individual learning asset, simply based on where and how that file is stored in the LMS.

Accessing File Manager 

Sign in to the Admin portal and select Setup then Files.  The File Manager will then launch. 


* You can also view the File Manager directly when creating or editing and online course.  Go to Edit or Create course and then to the Syllabus tab.  Select Add Learning Object - Next -  Choose File to display the File Manager.

Working in File Manager 


 When the File Manager is launched, you will see these elements:

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