Absorb's Setup module provides Admins with a Files tool. By using Absorb's built-in File Manager, Admins can upload any external learning-related content they might need to be able to access and use in numerous places throughout the entire LMS.

In addition, the Files tool can also be used to help control which users are permitted access to a given individual learning asset, simply based on where and how that File is stored in the LMS.

How It Works

As mentioned, the File tool allows an Admin to easily and substantially increase the resources they can have available to them in the LMS, by giving them a way to add their organization's external learning assets that have been already created and/or obtained elsewhere. The File Manager used to add this content to Absorb is based on an industry-standard style of file uploader interface that every Admin will immediately recognize and know how to use.

File Manager Features

As soon as the Admin selects the File option in Absorb, the tool's File Manager interface will launch in a dialog window that is displayed over top of whatever portion of the LMS the Admin is working on at the time.

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