Absorb's Setup module also provides Admins with a Translations tool. With it Admins have the option to customize any of the written content displayed in their portal's Learner Interface, in any and all Languages that their organization has chosen to make available to their students.


Employed primarily by Absorb during the work of adding a new Language to our product, the use of this tool is completely at the discretion of the LMS Admin. Should an Admin wish to make changes to any of the Learner-facing text shown in their portal they have the option to do so, otherwise all of the displayed content that their Learners will encounter in any given Language is already accurate, complete and requires no further modification.


How It Works

Absorb is currently available to Learners in over twenty-five Languages...and growing. Achieving this publishing milestone has been very important in order to support our LMS clients around the globe, but getting there has not been quick. Before Absorb can be launched in a new Learner Language, a significant amount of translation work must be done. Terminology, Instructions, Buttons - essentially anything and everything that will be encountered by Learners in Absorb, needs to be transposed into another Language - long before the first Course is ever delivered.

Given that the number of supported Languages in the LMS will continue to grow as more organizations around the world choose Absorb as their LMS platform, it has been very important to have a simple and repeatable means of adding new Languages to the list. Absorb's solution to this linguistic challenge has been the creation of the Translations tool.



Action Panel

The following fields are used by the Admin to enter the information required in order to create a new Translation Key.

Element Image Description
Key This is what the Translation will be named wherever it appears in the LMS (mandatory). It is not shown in the Learner Interface and is used for Admin identification purposes only.

This drop-down menu provides the choices available to the Admin for which linguistic system the Key's Value will be displayed in when the Learner views it in their portal. The default setting for this field is English.

Value This is what the Translation will be named wherever it appears in the Learner Interface (mandatory). It is this text that the Admin's Learners will see displayed in their portal in each of the various Languages that an Admin's portal has been configured to support. 


When creating a new Translation Key the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Add Translation This button will launch the Translation workspace where the new Translation Key can be created.
Save This button will save the new Translation Key and return back to the Translations Report page where the newly created Translation will be displayed with the others in alphabetical order.
Cancel This button will cancel the newly created Translation Key without saving it in the LMS (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm) and return the Admin back to the Translation Report page.



Translation Keys once selected by the Admin from the Translations Report can also be modified in Absorb using the same Translations resources.


When working with a Translation Key the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Edit This button will relaunch the Translation workspace where any selected Translation Key from the Report can be updated and re-saved.
Reset Translation This button will erase any previously saved changes made to the Translation Key's Value and restore it back to Absorb's default configuration (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm). Any changes previously made in creating the custom Value will permanently removed from the Translation Key (and the LMS) once this is performed and cannot be recovered.
Delete Translation This button is greyed out because it not possible for a client Admin to delete a Translation Key in Absorb.
Deselect This button will clear any Translation Key selection made by the Admin in the Translation Report.
Save* This button will save any changes made to the existing Translation Key and return the Admin back to the Translation Report page.
Cancel* This button will cancel any changes made to the existing Translation Key, revert back to the last saved version (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm), and then return the Admin back to the Translations Report page.

Translations Report

The basic Translations Report can be customized to provide data on any of the following parameters:

Element Description
ID This column displays the unique identifier generated by Absorb to distinguish this Translation from others contained in the Admin's LMS.
Key§ This column displays the English label assigned to a specific portion of translatable text that is used in the Learner Interface.
Value§ This column displays the unique written representation of a particular Key, as defined by the Language column below, with the original English text as the source for that specific linguistic entry.
Language§ This column displays the style of written speech used in creating the Key's Value. English is the default for this column and will occupy an entry for every Key contained in Absorb. Other styles of speech will only be displayed to the Admin if they have been enabled in the LMS.
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