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As the System Admin (or as any Admin that has been granted the ability to Manage Translations via their defined role permissions), you have the option to customize the written content displayed in your learner interface in a language supported by the Absorb LMS and that which your LMS has been configured.  (Click here to see a list of the languages that are supported by the Absorb LMS.)

You can choose to display the content for your Learners as defined by Absorb in your language choice or you can make changes to any of the Learner-facing text shown in your portal.

Please note, These translation keys do not apply to course names, course content, or any custom fields

View Translations


To view the Translations in the Translations Report, sign in to your Admin Dashboard, choose Setup and then Translations.

Absorb's Translations Report uses the standard report layout. Here you can view a full list of all Translations available for buttons, tiles, and other wording on the learner interface. You can also filter and sort these Translations to create a custom report by: 

  • ID - The unique identifier generated by Absorb to distinguish this Translation from others contained in the LMS.
  • Key - This is what the Translation will be named wherever it appears in the LMS (mandatory).  It is not shown in the learner interface and is used for Admin identification purposes only. 
  • Language - This drop-down menu provides the choices available to the Admin for which the Value will be displayed in when the Learner views it in the portal.  The default setting for this field is English. 
  • Value- This is what the translation will be named wherever it appears in the Learner Interface (mandatory.) . It is this text that the Learner's will see displayed in their portal in each of the Languages that the portal has been configured to support. 



You can also use this report to Add a new Translation or Edit an existing Translation

Add New Translations  

To create new Translations, select Add Translation to launch the Translation workspace where the new Translation Key can be created. 


Then, type in the name of the Key, select your Language and add in the Value or the Translation name that will appear in the learner interface.

Click Save to save the newly created Translation and to return back to the Translation Report where the newly created Translation will be displayed with the others in alphabetical order.  If you click Cancel the Translation will not be saved and you will return to the Translations Report



Edit Translations

Translations can also be edited.  To Edit a translation, select it from the Translations Report and then select Edit to launch the translations workspace.  


Then, type in the new Value for this Key and click Save to save the change


After you Edit the Value you will return to the Translations Report and you will be able to take additional actions on the edited value.  Select the edited Key and then select:

  • Reset Translation to erase any previously saved changes made to the Value and restore it back to Absorb's default configuration (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm). Any changes previously made in creating the custom Value will permanently removed from the Key (and the LMS) once this is performed and cannot be recovered.
  • Deselect which  will clear any Translation Key selection made by the Admin in the Translation Report

Please note that Delete Translation is greyed out because it is not possible for an Admin to delete a Translation Key in Absorb.

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