Absorb's Setup module also provides Admins with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tool. With it Admins can provide their Users with an additional knowledge resource that can help Learners further optimize their use of Absorb in order to get the most out of their training.



How It Works

Once Absorb Support has enabled FAQ's as a drop-down menu item or tile in your portal, Absorb's FAQs are displayed on their own on the Learner Dashboard so that they are easily consulted. By assigning them a prominent location in the Learner Interface, Admins can use them to educate Learners, or to even call attention to important LMS information that Users need to be made aware of. While this latter function is already served by Billboards, News Articles, etc., having an additional means of communicating information is always beneficial.

Admins have the option to compose both short and long "A's" to their "Q's" should they so choose. The shorter version of the answer will be displayed as a single line of text directly underneath the question in the Learner's FAQ tile and will also appear in the Preview of an individual FAQ item once it is selected in the Dashboard.



Frequently Asked Questions can be added to Absorb by using the FAQs workspace and the following tabs.

General Tab

The General Tab is used by the Admin to enter the bulk of the information required in order to create an FAQ.

Element Image Description
Question This is what the FAQ will be named as it appears in both the FAQ Report in the Admin Interface and also in all views of the item in the Learner Interface (mandatory).
Short Answer This is a condensed summary of the response to the question as it appears in the Frequently Asked Questions tile in the Learner Interface and also in the Preview of the FAQ once the Learner has selected the item in their Interface.

This is the full version of the response to the question, written by the Admin using the built-in text editor, that will be shown to Learners once they have selected either the question link (or the arrow next to it) in the Preview of the FAQ.

Author This is the name of the Admin that initially created the FAQ. It is automatically populated by Absorb but can be changed to any other Admin name that is contained in the LMS.
Order This number sets the displayed sequence of FAQs presented to the Learner on their Dashboard. This number is also responsible for a master ordering of all FAQs present in LMS, regardless of which Learner audiences they are intended for - or which Admin created them. For the Learner they will only be presented with those FAQs that they have been granted access to as per Absorb's Availability Rules. For them their particular FAQs will always follow the master sequence order and skip over displaying any FAQs in the LMS that they are not permitted to see.
Publication This switch determines whether or not the FAQ will become active on the LMS. As soon as the Admin publishes the FAQ (by setting the Publication option to 'On' and saving the change) it will be uploaded to the FAQ tile on the Dashboard of every Learner that is a part of the resource's intended audience.


When creating a new FAQ the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Add FAQ This button will launch the FAQ workspace where the new FAQ can be created.
Save This button will save the new FAQ and return back to the FAQ Report page where the newly created FAQ will now appear in Date Added order in the Report.
Cancel This button will cancel the newly created FAQ without saving it in the LMS (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm) and return the Admin back to the FAQ Report page.


Frequently Asked Questions can also be modified in Absorb using the same FAQ resources.


When working with a previously saved FAQ the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Edit FAQ This button will relaunch the FAQ workspace where any selected FAQ from the Report can be updated and re-saved.
Delete FAQ(s) This button will erase any FAQ(s) selected from the FAQ Report (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm). Any FAQ(s) deleted here is permanently removed from the LMS and cannot be recovered.
Deselect This button will clear any FAQ selection(s) made by the Admin in the FAQ Report.
Quick Save* This button will save the existing FAQ without returning back to the FAQ Report page so that the Admin can continue working on the FAQ they are currently editing.
View History* This button will open a new dialog box containing a detailed breakdown of any and all of the change(s) made to the FAQ since it was created - including the date and the party responsible for the update(s), listed in order of most to least recent. This feature can be useful for any FAQ that multiple Admins may have worked on and/or to review any previous changes made to the FAQ's content or information.
Save* This button will save any changes made to the existing FAQ and return the Admin back to the FAQ Report page.
Cancel* This button will cancel any changes made to the existing FAQ, revert back to the last saved version (which the Admin will be prompted to confirm), and then return the Admin back to the FAQ Report page.

After the existing FAQ is re-saved the Admin can decide to run a filtered report based on the group of FAQs residing in the LMS.


Absorb's FAQs tool will launch using the standard Report layout as its starting point where an Admin can: create a new FAQ; work on an existing FAQ; or, run a custom FAQ Report.

FAQ Report

The basic FAQ Report can be customized to provide data on any of the following parameters:

Element Description
Answer Refer to the definition in the General Tab above.
Author** Refer to the definition in the General Tab above.
Date Added** This column displays the date the FAQ was first created and saved to the LMS.
Date Edited** This column displays the date the FAQ was last updated and re-saved to the LMS.
ID This column displays the FAQ identifier automatically assigned by the LMS and can be used in creating deep links in Absorb.
Is Published** This column displays the binary answer of whether or not the Admin has switched the Publication toggle in the General Tab to 'On', making the FAQ available to Learners on the LMS.
Order Refer to the definition in the General Tab above.
Question** Refer to the definition in the General Tab above.
Read Count** This column displays the number of times that Learners have opened the FAQ to view it.
Short Answer Refer to the definition in the General Tab above.
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