Course Activity Report: Pre & Post Completion


The most important concept to grasp, regarding the functioning of the Course Activity module in Absorb, is for Admins to understand precisely how and when the Report (and its related workspaces) will respond to both Learner and Admin input.

Pre & Post Completion

Right from the start of a Learner's Enrollment, this particular Absorb Report has been designed to capture the student's entire progress through the Course. Whenever the Learner starts the Course, makes a Lesson Attempt, finishes a Lesson, achieves a passing or failing Score and/or any other number of Course Enrollment activities, this Report will capture all of it.

Any data originating at the Lesson level is gathered, stored and then directly fed into the Report statistics calculated at the overall Course level. This Lesson / Course information-sharing relationship continues all the way through the Course, up until the point when the Learner finishes all the Lessons contained in the Syllabus (i.e. Course Status becomes Completed or Failed) for the first time.

But, once the Learner initially reaches the end of the Course's Syllabus, and has fully finished their training, the results captured in the Report columns related to the overall Course statistics, are set.

This needs to be repeated - before the end of a Learner's training is reached, the Report's overall Course level statistics remain dynamically responsive to any and all training work the Leaner does - until they are finished with the Syllabus. However, as soon as that finished line is crossed, the LMS deems the Learner's training data for the overall Course as final.

Course & Lesson Data

As indicated directly above, once the Learner has finished their training in the Course, all of the values in the Report's columns will be set. From this point, certain columns will still continue to update themselves based on what the Learner directly does and some will not.

  • Attained Certificate (if applicable).
  • Certificate Date (if applicable).
  • Credits.
  • Date Completed.
  • Score (overall Course).
  • Status (overall Course).

Now in the event that the Learner has finished their training and thereby achieved an overall Course result (i.e. Complete / Failed Status, Score, Completion Certificate, etc.), it is somewhat unlikely that they will reopen the Course once again and make further Lesson Attempts - since their training outcome has already been determined.

However, if the Course has been authored to allow multiple Lesson Attempts, then the following Lesson-based Report columns could still remain responsive to what the Learner might elect to do, even after the student's training is technically over:

  • # of Times Accessed.
  • Date Last Accessed.
  • Progress.
  • Time Spent.

Post Completion Changes

With the Learner's initial Course Enrollment now over (as well as the assumption that they have moved on to a different Course in the LMS), any changes to the Learner's data in this Report can only occur, if the Admin elects to go back and updates the student's Course / Lesson Activity manually.

In this post completion state, the responsive relationship between Lessons and the overall Course is fully severed and so any manual overrides carried out by the Admin at the individual Lesson level (i.e. Lesson Scores, Statuses, reset Lessons, etc.) will have no effect on the overall Course level statistics shown in this Report, whatsoever.

The Admin is completely free to change data contained in the individual Lessons as needed, but if they require the Report to show different overall Course level results as well, they will need to do that separately (which is covered in greater detail in the Edit Activity section directly below).

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