Absorb's Report Actions provide the Admin with the ability to execute generalized commands on individual LMS Reports, treated as a single combined unit.


Access to a stored Report layout can be granted to other LMS Users by using the Share Report workspace.

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Share Report

This switch determines whether or not a Saved Layout, for a Report that the Admin has previously created, will have its access extended to the individual User(s) of a specific LMS Group.

It is important to note that with this switch is enabled, the Report delivery remains active and will continue to be shared until this option is set to 'Off'.

Share With Group

This drop down menu, which is accessed by clicking on the Add button (+), provides a list of the available LMS Group(s) that the Admin can select from in order to assemble their Shared Report distribution list.


This portion of the interface provides the executable option available to the Admin. (Refer to Actions in the section directly below.)


When working with Absorb's Share Report feature the Actions available for use by the Admin are:

Element Image Description
Share Report

This button will open the Share Report workspace.

Add Group

Refer to the Share With Groups item in the section above.

This button is used by the Admin during the initial setup of the Share Report feature (and anytime thereafter) to add any of the Groups that should be granted access to the Report layout.

Remove Group

This button which is represented by the circular (x) located to the right of a Group Name is used by the Admin during the initial setup of the Share Report feature (and/or anytime thereafter) to delete any of the Groups that should be granted access to the Report layout.


This button will enable the sharing of the Saved Layout that was created by the Admin, with the Group of recipients. It should be noted that it does not need to be clicked again in order to pull back a Shared Report, as this task is carried out by setting the Share Report switch to 'Off'.


Absorb's Share Report button will open a workspace where an Admin can extend the access of any of their Saved Layouts, with one or more Groups of Administrators residing in their LMS.



With a Report layout that has been shared with an Admin Group, any User member of that Group can use the newly supplied configuration to run the donor Admin's customized Report in their own portal, which will be assembled using the latest information collectively contained in the LMS.

Upon enabling the Share Report feature, recipient Group members will see a notification for the new layout item as an entry on their 'My Saved Reports' Tile (located in their Overview Dashboard), the next time they view it. Users will know that it is a Report layout provided to them by another Admin, as the entry will be displayed in gold, making it different from the rest of the custom Reports they have saved.

When the Tile item is selected, the LMS will redirect the User to the appropriate Report, and automatically load the new Saved Layout that has been shared with them. Any time they return to that same Report page, they will be able to reload the same shared Report again by accessing the custom layout from their Saved Layouts workspace. These items will be distinguished from the other layouts in their list by a lock icon next to the name, indicating that the Report layout has been shared with them by another User and cannot be altered.


Report layouts that an originating Admin has shared, are dynamically responsive to any changes that this User might happen to make to their layout in the future - as long as access to the Report template continues to be offered to the Group. That means that as soon as the layout is next updated and saved by the original Admin, the same revisions will also be immediately reflected in the version that Group members will have access to in their portal, the next time they launch it.

In Absorb, this sharing only works in one direction. Permissions that have been granted to other Users on a Saved Layout provided via the Share Report feature, exist on an 'access-only' basis, meaning that recipients can only use the layout in their own portal, they cannot change the original template that the donor Admin initially created. Therefore, if any modifications to the layout are desired on the recipient end, then the inheriting Admin will need to save a separate version of the item in own portal, and then make changes to the new Saved Layout from there.

While sharing Generated Report files serve their own useful purpose, this particular Absorb feature allows many different Admins to pool their administrative efforts and expertise, and mutually benefit from all the Report layouts that they can collectively create together.

Administrator Access Rights

The LMS Reports that can be successfully shared with other Absorb Admins, fully depends on both: the sensitivity of the individual Report(s) from each LMS module that is being shared; as well as, the particular administrative Role that the benefiting User occupies in the LMS.

Absorb Module Administrator* Instructor Limited Instructor Reporter
Courses All



All, excluding
Global Resources

Users All Users Enrollments All, excluding
Enrollment Keys
Absorb Engage All None None None
E-Commerce All None None None
Reports All

ILC Sessions
ILC Activities
Session Approval

ILC Sessions
ILC Activities
Course Approval

All, excluding
Other Training
Setup All None None None
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