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Absorb's Report Actions provide the Admin with the ability to execute generalized commands on individual LMS Reports, treated as a single combined unit.

Actions (New Layouts)

New Report layouts can be assembled and stored in Absorb by using the Saved Layouts workspace.

From this point the Admin can also refresh their Report's layout and/or return it to Absorb's default configuration setting.

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Saved Layouts

This button will open the Saved Layouts workspace.

Reset Layout

This button will refresh the Layout of the current Report.

Create New (Start) This button will launch the Create New Report Layout dialog box where the Admin can label and save their current Layout.
Name This field is used by the Admin to assign a title to their current Layout.
Create New (Finish)

This button will store the Admin's current Layout in the LMS.

Cancel This button will close the Create New Report Layout dialog box without storing the newly customized Layout (which the Admin will not be prompted to confirm) and resume the current session.

Actions (Stored Layouts)

Once a Report in the LMS possesses at least one stored custom Layout, the Admin can click that particular Report's Saved Layouts button again, which will now display a listing of all of its different stored configuration(s).

From this point the Admin can: select a Layout; set that Layout as their favorite, save new versions of an existing Layout; and/or, delete a Layout entirely.

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Saved Layouts

Refer to the definition in the Add section above.

Reset Layout

Refer to the definition in the Add section above.

Select Layout

The tick boxes in this portion of the dialog box allows the Admin to select from one of their previously Saved Layouts, which will then be loaded into their current LMS session in place of the regular default Layout of the Report.

Set As Favorite

This star shaped button located to the right of each Saved Layout allows the Admin to select a specific Layout to be automatically loaded by the LMS into their Absorb session, each time they navigate to that particular Report.

Create New Refer to the definition in the Add section above.
New Layout*

This button in the Saved Layouts dialog box will be displayed once a custom view selection has been made, so that the Admin can save a new version of their previously stored Layout under a different name.

Save Layout*

This button will re-save the Saved Layout, and overwrite the previously stored version (which the Admin will not be prompted to confirm), with any additional changes that have been made to the item.

Delete Layout*

This button will erase the selected Saved Layout (which the Admin will not be prompted to confirm). Any Layout deleted here is permanently removed from the LMS and cannot be recovered.

Absorb's Saved Layouts button will open a workspace where an Admin can create, store and manage any number of custom configurations, that they have chosen to construct for a particular individual Report of theirs, in the LMS.



Having this feature provides the Admin with the capability to quickly replicate the configuration of any custom Report, as often as they wish, without having to manually recreate the same required Layout each time.

This makes it very useful for any regularly occurring custom Report situation that an Admin will encounter. Consequently, every time an Admin has a repeatable need to view and/or work with a specific reporting scenario in their LMS, a Saved Layout is the answer.

  • Saves time and effort.
  • Provides consistently repeatable results (albeit with LMS data from different points in time).
  • Allows for the sharing of Report Layouts between other Admins in the portal.
  • Supports regular reporting requirements for the managing / auditing of learning programs.


Captured Settings

A Saved Layout captures all aspects of the Admin's customized Report configuration:

  • Report Filters.
  • Report Sorts.
  • Report Column selections.
  • Report Column ordering.
  • Report Column sizing.
  • Items Per Page settings.

Saved Reports

Once a Saved Layout is stored by the Admin it is added to: the Report it was created in; the My Saved Report Tile in theOverview Dashboard; as well as being recorded in, the Admin's Saved Reports inventory (which provides a listing of all the Saved Layouts that the Admin has created, as well as, any Shared Reports provided to them by other LMS Admins).

While the Admin can always modify their Saved Layout by returning to the original Report, they cannot do so in Saved Reports. The sole option available in this portion of the LMS, is to permanently delete the Saved Layout.

LMS Report Data

It is very important to note that while the attributes that make up a stored Report configuration will remain unchanged until the Admin decides to alter it, the actual LMS data that a Saved Layout utilizes and displays via its layout, will not.

The Saved Layout always applies its particular configuration settings to the LMS's data set, in the state that it exists at the time that the Report layout is initiated by the Admin. Because an LMS data set is a highly dynamic and ever changing thing, it is totally impractical to try and get a Saved Layout to use a portal's information repository in order to reconstruct a previous point in an learning program's lifespan.

Generated Reports

Therefore, should the Admin need to obtain a permanent record of the information contained in their LMS at a given point in time, they will need to launch their desired layout selection and then use the Generate Report File feature to archive their material in a separate data file. That way if the historical information is needed again at a future time, the Admin will be able to access it from their list of Generated Reports

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