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Welcome to Absorb!

For those of you just getting started with Absorb, this article will guide you through the Absorb Onboarding process. This guide is meant for clients who are completely new to Absorb. If your organization already uses Absorb and you are looking for training on the software, check out our Knowledge Base.

This section will review your Absorb Contacts, what to expect at the Kick Off/Scoping call, and the communication and support plan for the Onboarding Phase. 

Your Absorb Team

We'll be working with you every step of the way! Here's who you will be working with:

  • Onboarding Specialist
    Your main point of contact during the Onboarding Phase. Your Onboarding Specialist is responsible for ensuring a successful implementation of Absorb and providing one on one training during the setup process. 
  • Client Success Manager
    If you purchased this service, you will be introduced to your dedicated Client Success Manager around two months post launch. Your Client Success Manager is responsible for anything beyond general support after you are live on Absorb LMS - new integrations, feedback, etc.
  • Account Manager
    Main point of contact for anything account or contract related. Your Account Manager is responsible for managing any new features or changes you would like to make to your Subscription. 
  • Absorb Support Team
    Your primary point of contact for support after launching. Absorb Support can be reached by opening a ticket in the top right corner of this support site or by emailing support@absorblms.com. Your Onboarding Specialist will transition you to Absorb Support as part of your launch.
  • Absorb Billing Team
    Reach out to the Billing team for any invoice or billing related questions. They can be reached by emailing billing@absorblms.com.


Scoping Call

Your Onboarding Specialist will be in touch to schedule a kick off call to officially begin your implementation. The purpose of this call is to meet the project team members, establish scope, and identify deliverables & timelines. Key stakeholders should be included on this call, but technical team members like developers are usually not needed. Separate technical calls will be scheduled to discuss integrations if applicable.

This information will be used to build an internal client profile, tailor further one-on-one training, and inform future integration discussions (if applicable). Here are some of the questions we'll be asking:

  • Who are your learners? Where are they?
  • What type of content will you be delivering to your learners (Online vs. Instructor Led, course authoring software, video, SCORM, Tin Can etc)?
  • How will your learners be created and updated in the system?
  • How will your learners login to the system? Is Single Sign-On being implemented?
  • Will learners self-enroll in courses from a catalog? 
  • Will learners need to purchase courses using the Absorb E-commerce module?
  • Are you transitioning from a previous LMS? Is a historical data import needed?
  • Are there any specific reporting requirements?
  • Are there any other technical integrations that need to be discussed? 

A Scope Summary document will be completed based on these discussions and kept for future reference. Feel free to download the Scope Summary template, fill it in, and send it along to your Onboarding Specialist before your kick off call. Our Resource Planning article may also be useful to review while scoping out the implementation.

Communication & Support

Your Onboarding Specialist will send weekly project updates at a minimum. If there are certain people you would like included on these or other types of communications please let your Onboarding Specialist know.

Weekly Project Updates 

As part of your Onboarding Project, you will receive a link to a Project Planner, or Gantt chart. Your Onboarding Specialist will send out weekly updates with items that have been completed as well as next steps for the following week. As you complete tasks, inform your Onboarding Specialist. 


Each task will be assigned to either your dedicated Onboarding Specialist or you, marked by the "C".


Each task has a list of items to be completed for that task. Review and complete each item.


Implementation Guide 

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