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This is the third part of the Absorb Implementation Guide. You may want to go back to Absorb Implementation Guide - Portal Creation & Branding if you haven't reviewed it already. 

Note: You don't need to wait for branding to be applied before diving into training and configuration! You can jump right in as soon as your live portal has been provided.


Once you have access to your live portal you can navigate to the learner side “Catalog” to view the pre-loaded courses. The video content in this course will introduce you to important aspects of both the admin and learner interfaces. By the end of this course you should be familiar with the basic concepts of the LMS. 

In-depth administrator training is then broken down into two steps:

  1. The Absorb Academy is available to take at your leisure, and will cover the most common features of the LMS. You can access the Absorb Academy through your portal's Help & Support menu which can be seen below
  2. One-on-One Training can be scheduled with your Customer Success Manager after you've completed the courses in Absorb Academy and had a chance to play with the system. We'll take this time to answer any outstanding questions you may have including any workflows or features that are specific to your organization.

You can also contact our Support team, or view the Support Site which are always accessible under the Help & Support icon on the admin side:


A few help desk articles that are frequently requested are:

  • Course Authoring Guide - Tips for publishing 3rd party courses from Storyline and Captivate, as well as suggestions for exporting video.
  • Importing Courses - Steps for importing 3rd party courses (SCORM, Tin Can, AICC).
  • Availability Rules - Tips for setting up availability rules - applies to many things in the portal including course Self-Enrollment rules.
  • Automatic Enrollment - Tips for setting up automatic enrollment rules for courses.
  • Importing Users - Instructions for importing users using our standard User Import tool.
  • Admin Roles & Permissions - Tips for managing admin user access.
  • Admin User Management - Tips for restricting admin access to only certain subsets of users.

LMS Configuration

Once you have access to your live portal you can login to the admin side and start configuring settings and content. Every client's setup is a bit different, but we do have a handy Setup Quick Reference Guide that lists the most common items that should be considered. The Implementation Checklist that was provided by your Customer Success Manager is also a great reference.

You are responsible for all configuration and content loading, but if you have questions or need assistance along the way please don't hesitate to contact us.


Here are a few things to consider while planning your LMS configuration:

  • Consider admin user types. Will there be many different access levels? Absorb supports the creation of unlimited admin user roles to control access to various features.
  • Select a User password complexity option that coincides with your organization's preferences. 
  • Consider your department structure. Departments are the primary categorization method for your users. Departments can be nested within other departments to create a hierarchy, and may mirror your own company departments.
  • Consider your course & resource availability rules. Are some courses only available to certain users? What should a user's Catalog and My Courses pages look like?
  • Consider automated emails (new user, course enrollment, etc). These can be customized on the admin side, under Setup > Message Templates.


Thorough testing is paramount! Make sure you take the time to create different test users, login as them, and test on both the learner and admin sides. Just a few important items to test are:

  • Course files launch and play as expected.
  • Course Self-Enrollment and Automatic Enrollment rules function as expected (check your My Courses and Catalog pages).
  • Any availability rules applied to courses, resources, Mercury items, etc are functioning as expected.
  • Admin users have the correct level of access (consider Roles & Permissions and User Management settings).
  • Course completions, scores, and assessments (quizzes and exams) are reporting as expected.

User Imports

Here are a few things to consider before you begin loading users into the LMS:
  • Absorb will send the New User email upon user creation by default. This email can be disabled under Setup > Message Templates if desired, however please note that the process for re-sending it later on requires a bit of manual effort. 
  • If importing users in bulk using the standard User Import tool, the New User email will send based on a toggle switch you set during each import. It's generally recommended that you initially test the User Import tool using a small number of users, with the Send New User Email toggle switched off. Once comfortable with the tool, the full import and sending of the New User emails in bulk can be done just prior to launch.
  • Alternatively, if you would like to load your users into the system ahead of launch then you will need to manage communication with them externally (intranet announcement, internal email blast, etc) OR resend the New User email manually from the Users menu. The New User email can be reset by selecting one or more users at once (1000 max at once) and then selecting Reset Password on the right side.
The above lists are far from exhaustive. Ensure all workflows and use cases are planned and tested end-to-end prior to launching.


If your implementation includes eCommerce (selling courses via the Absorb Shopping Cart) then your Customer Success Manager will also work with you to enable this feature. We'll need the following information from you in order to enable eCommerce:

  • Shopping Cart Currency
  • Company LMS Email
  • Company Postal Code
  • Company Country
  • Company State/Province
  • Default Time Zone
  • Default Language
  • Display International Currency Symbol? (e.g. display USD instead of $)
  • Payment Methods Accepted (Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, Purchase Order) 

Once enabled, please refer to our Configuring eCommerce article to complete setup.


When ready, you can move on to the Absorb Implementation Guide - Additional Features article next.

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