[Absorb4] Adding A Youtube Video To A Course


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


Please Note: YouTube embed codes are not currently compatible with mobile devices as it still relies on Flash streaming

In Youtube, scroll just below the video and select "Share", then select "Embed".

The link that's provided includes an iFrame and video size but this is not needed and won't work properly within a course if they are used. So for this example, Youtube provides us with:

Where as we only need to copy this portion: www.youtube.com/embed/P5P6yEOD2TA

Now back in Absorb, edit to the course you want to add the link to and go to the "Outline" tab:

Select "Add Lesson". In the "Type" field, select "Object". This item will then be marked as complete as soon as it has been opened. If the link is not set as an Object it will never mark completion.


Then paste the link you copied from Youtube into the "Source" field.

You will need to add 'https://' to the beginning of the address to comply with your portal's SSL security. Youtube fully supports SSL encryption.

Select "Add" and then save the course.

You have then properly setup a course containing a Youtube video.

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