[Absorb4] Educational Units / Course Credits


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


Both online courses and ILTs can grant educational units. The settings can be managed from the Settings >Additional Details section of the course details and look like this:

Here's what each of the options does:

  • Ed. Units: This box displays the total units assigned to this course
  • Reassign educational units: Normally when making changes to course credits those changes will not be pushed to learners who have already been enrolled in the course. However, if you check this box then any changes you make will be pushed to both new and currently enrolled learners. If any learners have had their educational units manually adjusted they will not be affected by changes, even if you check this box.
  • Credit Details: Simply use the plus icon to expand out the details for the individual credits.
  • Credit: The number of credits for a particular credit item.
  • Description: A short description of what the credits are for. This description will appear on both the Learner Activity report and the learner's transcript.

  • Update: This button will automatically push any changes made to the credits once it is pressed. It is not necessary to use the Submit button to save changes. This is important to keep in mind if you are using the Reassign Educational Units option as it means that changes will be pushed to all enrolled learners as soon as Update is pressed.
  • Delete Selected: Any credits that have been checked off using the box next to the description will be deleted once this button is pressed. This button is also controlled by the Reassign Educational Units option, and will delete the credits from enrolled and completed learners if it is selected.
  • Add: This will add the inputted credit and description to the course.

Educational units can also be used in a few other ways including being added to certificates or used to qualify learners for contests.

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