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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans



  1. Navigate to the ILT course and session that you want to enable the wait list for, then head over to the Enrollments tab.
  2. Check the Wait List box and save your changes. By default, wait-listed learners are removed from the waitlist (and the session) once the session begins. If you wish to have learners removed from the waitlist earlier than this (say 48 hours in advance, in order to ensure that the learner has the time to prepare for the ILT) you can do so by setting an enrollment End Time. Any wait-listed learners will automatically be removed from the waitlist (and receive the Session Full email) once the enrollment End Time is reached.

  3. You'll also want to setup the two email templates that are associated with wait lists. Head down to the Learner Email Templates section and take a look at the Wait List and Session Full templates:


    • Wait List: This is sent out instead of the ILT Enrollment email when a learner enrolls into a wait listed session.
    • Session Full: This email is sent out when the learner is removed from the waitlist. You may want to change the wording of this email to indicate that they can still enroll in another session and are simply no longer enrolled in this particular session.

User Experience

  1. After enrolling in an ILT session that is already full learners will receive a notice indicating that they have been placed onto the wait list for the course.

  2. From this point there are a few possible scenarios:
  • No spots become available: The learner will receive the Session Full email when the Enrolment End Time is reached or when the session starts, whichever is sooner. They will be removed from the wait list and the session, but will remain enrolled in the ILT course itself. At this point, they can go back into the UI at any time to choose a new session for their course.
  • One or more spots become available prior to the Enrolment End Time/Session Start: Learners in the wait list will be enrolled into the session in the order in which they were added. Learners who make it in will receive the regular ILT enrollment email while those who don't will remain on the wait list the Enrolment End Time/Session Start is reached.
  • One or more spots become available after the Enrolment End Time: Wait listed learners will have already been removed from the wait list and thus will not receive any notification of these spots. This is intentional as there may not be enough time remaining for a wait listed learner to make arrangements to attend the session. Note that the session will still be available through the online catalog at this time so if there are learners who are looking for a last minute session they will be able to enroll in available seats during the period between the Enrolment End Time and the Session Start.
  • The learner decides to switch sessions: They will automatically be removed from the wait list for their original session when they enroll into the new one.


There are a few different ways to report on wait lists and ILT enrollments but the primary ones to take note of are the Enrollments and Wait List & Absent reports.

Wait List & Absent

This report can be used to track which learners are currently on the wait list for a session.


You can use this report to enroll learners directly into the session, bypassing the wait list completely. Note that you will get a warning when the session is over capacity and/or if someone is already on the wait list.

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