Waitlists for Instructor Led Courses


Setting Up a Waitlist

Admins can create a waitlist for a session in an Instructor Led Course (ILC) by following these steps:

  1. Go to Sessions tab and select Add Session. add_session_image_1.png
  2. A new box will appear where you can add details about the course, schedule and enrollment.  Go to the Enrollment tab.  add_session_box_image_2.png
  3. Scroll down the page until you see Enable Waitlist.  Turn this ON. add_session_image_3.png

Note: By default, waitlisted learners are removed from the waitlist (and the session) 24 hours before the session begins. The User will still be enrolled into the Instructor Led Course (ILC), but they will no longer belong to a Session. 

  1. Select the blue Save button at the bottom of the Add Session box to save all session details, schedule, and enrollment information.waitlist_image_4.png

Waitlist Access for E-Commerce Courses 

If you plan to sell your ILC through Absorb's E-Commerce feature, you need to decide if want to allow your clients to make a purchase and be put on the waitlist for any full classes.   Once you decide, you need to:

  1. Select Enable E-Commerce on the Availability tab. ecommerce1.png
  2. Then go to Require Learner to Choose Session and select:
    • OFF  - to allow the a user to be able to purchase an ILC even if all sessions are full.  Only after making the purchase will they be able to enroll in a session and be added to a waitlist
    • ON - to block user from adding the course to their shopping cart if all the sessions are full ecommerce2.png

Waitlist Access with Sessions that Require Enrollment Approval

If you have a session that requires enrollment approval for the user to attend the session, the learner must go through the approval process prior to being added to the waitlist. 

On the learner interface, the learner will initially see the warning 'Selected Session Pending Approval' and a 'pending approval' message will be sent to the learner


Once the learner's enrollment has been approved by the appropriate admin, the learner see the displayed warning that they they have been added to the waitlist. This will be visible when they access the course and the 'waitlist' message will be sent to the learner. 


Related Message Templates 

You will also want to set up or review the waitlist related message templates for your LMS before finalizing the waitlist option for your users.  The two emails you want to review are:

  • Waitlist - This email is sent out instead of the ILC Enrollment email when a learner enrolls into a full session where they are waitlisted.
  • Session Full - This email is sent out when the enrollment period ends and no additional space has become available.  The learner is informed that they are removed from the waitlist and you may want to edit the wording to indicate that they can still enroll in another session.

Please note: The Waitlist and Session Full messages templates are configured at a system-wide level.  This means that if there are multiple Admins who create ILCs in your LMS, they will all need to be aware of the language and settings of these emails as it will create the same message for all Waitlist and Session Full emails.

To initially set up and / or review these messages, you must:

  1. Go to Setup on the Admin dashboard and select Message Templates.                                                   message_template_1.png
  2. Then, search for the Waitlist and Session Full in your organizations language. message_templates.png
  3. Select the email you want to review and select Edit Template under Actions on the right sidebar to view the template. template_.png
  4. You can then edit the subject, message and add in any of the pre-populated fields (ie. first name, last name) to your email.  As noted above, it is important to keep in mind that all LMS admins use the same waitlist and full message so any modifications to the message will impact all Admins.
  5. Confirm that Send to User is set ON if you want the email to be sent. (You can also send the email to Admins and Supervisors if this information has been configured for your LMS.)send_to_learner.png
  6. Select the green Save button on the right sidebar to save any edits. 

Reporting Options

You can view the waitlisted Learners through the ILC or the ILC sessions report. Remember that users will be removed from the waitlist 24 hours before the session begins. The User will no longer be listed on the ILC Session report in a Waitlist status within 24 hours of the session beginning.

To view these reports:

  1. Go to Reports and select ILC Sessions or ILC Activity.   Through the ILC Sessions report, you will be able to directly view the waitlist and easily take actions on these users.                                     reports_1.png

ILC Sessions Report

  1.  In ILC Sessions report, select the session you want to review and then select View Waitlist under Actions in the right sidebar.reports_3.png
  2. When you select one or more users, you will see a set of new Actions that you can take on users including moving them from the waitlist (Promote from Waitlist), Increase priority or Lower priority of a user, Un-enroll a user or Message User. report_4.png

ILC Activity Report

  1. When you select the course ILC Activity report, you will see a full list of all sessions and the status of all users. You can further filter the report by sessions and status. reports_2.png
  2. When you select a user or users, some Actions will be available including Enrolling users and Messaging Users but other options (such as Promote from the Waitlist) are not available through this report.

User Experience

  1. After enrolling in an ILC session that is already full, learners will receive a notice indicating that they have been placed onto the waitlist for the course. They will also see a banner when they view the course in My Courses message_2.png
  2. From this point there are a few possible scenarios:
  • No spots become available: The learner will receive the Session Full email when the Enrollment End Time is reached or when the session starts, whichever is sooner. They will be removed from the waitlist and the session, but will remain enrolled in the ILC course itself. They can go back into their dashboard at any time to choose a new session for their course.
  • One or more spots become available prior to the Enrollment End Time/Session Start: Learners in the waitlist will be enrolled into the session in the order in which they were added unless you have promoted them through the ILC Sessions report. Learners who make it in will receive the regular ILC enrollment email while those who don't will remain on the waitlist the Enrolment End Time/Session Start is reached.
  • One or more spots become available after the Enrollment End Time: Waitlisted learners will have already been removed from the waitlist and thus will not receive any notification of these spots. This is intentional as there may not be enough time remaining for a waitlisted learner to make arrangements to attend the session. 
  • The learner decides to switch sessions: They will automatically be removed from the waitlist for their original session when they enroll into the new one.
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