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There are two ways to import a SCORM course into Absorb. The first way is through the Administration Portal using the 'Import Courses' feature under the Courses menu. The second way is uploading the files directly through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which we recommend for courses exceeding 100MB in size.

Import a Course Through the Administration Portal 

    1. Login to the Absorb Administration Portal
    2. Select Import Courses under the Courses heading

    3. Select the category you wish to Import your course into. Categories are a great way to organize your courses in the Course Catalog and User Interface. 
    4. For the course title we recommend selecting “Get title from package,” this means the title will be read from the SCORM manifest file during the upload.The manifest file is an xml file inside the course package that dictates how the course is set up. You can override the package title by writing in the Course Title field. Try to avoid using any special characters in the course title as they can cause errors during the import.
    5. Browse to locate the published SCORM zip file saved on your computer
    6. Select “Upload” to begin the import

    7. If the import was a success you will see "Import Complete!" but if the the import was not successful an error message will appear.
    8. Click “Done” to complete the upload. Once the file has been uploaded successfully it will unzip the file and create the course. The course will now be available under Manage Courses where you will be able to edit the course settings.

Error "No Manifest File Found"

A common import error is “No Manifest File Found.” Without the manifest file the import wizard cannot create the course in Absorb. Ensure that your published SCORM zip file contains a manifest file. Your published course folder should be organized in a similar manner to the sample displayed below, with the manifest file at the top level of the folder:

Upload a Course Using FTP

If your course is over 100MB you will want to use FTP to upload it to Absorb. Our support team will be able to provide you with your Absorb FTP Credentials. You can use any FTP client but in this example I will be using Filezilla. Click Here to Download Filezilla.

  1. To connect to our FTP server, enter the address of the server into the host field of the Quickconnect bar, e.g. absorbtraining.com.
  2. Then enter the Username and Password.

  3. Once you have successfully connected, you can choose File -> "Copy current connection to Site Manager..." to make a permanent entry in Filezilla’s Site Manager.
  4. After a successful connection attempt, on the right side of the main window you will be able to see the list of files and directories that are located on your Absorb server. If you click on a folder you will be able to see its location in the Remote Site field. On the left side of the main window you will be able to see a list of files and folders located on your computer. You can find out where you are looking on your computer by looking at the Local Site field.

Transferring your course files to the Absorb Server

  1. On the right side of the main window find the directory on the Absorb server you would like to transfer your published SCORM file to. On the left side of the main window locate the SCORM zip file.
  2. To transfer the file you can either right click on the folder and click upload or drag and drop the folder into the correct directory on the right.

How to extract the source file and link it to a course in Absorb

  1. Login to the Administration Portal
  2. Under courses go to Manage Courses and Select "Add online Course"

  3. Give the course a title and click the "next" button to navigate to the outline tab.
  4. In the outline tab select "Add Lesson"

  5. Name the lesson and then select either Lesson or Exam for the Type.

  6. The 'Source’ is where you can link the course to the html file located in the SCORM file you just transferred. When you click "Browse" the internal file directory will appear. Navigate to the correct directory where you transferred the SCORM file using your FTP client.
  7. If you uploaded a zip file you will be able to unzip it once you access the file through the Administrator Portal import file directory. Right click the zip file and select unzip, this will create an unzipped folder that you will be able to open and access the source file.

  8. Open the SCORM course folder and select the index_lms.html file, click "OK" to set the file as the source location.

  9. Click "Add" to save the lesson. Once you have entered the necessary course settings submit to save the course.
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