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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


The Import Learner feature allows you to import a large number of new learners into your LMS via a CSV file. It will save you a great deal of time and gives you access to advanced bulk features like enrollment and email notifications.

Importing Learners

  1. The first step is to create your CSV file which must contain your learners' first and last name and their email addresses. Your CSV file should have headers in the top row to help the LMS identify the data, however, they do not need to exactly match the available fields in Absorb.
  2. In the Admin interface navigate to Import Learners under the Learners menu.

  3. Select the Department you would like to import you learners into. Please note that this is optional.
  4. Then Browse to locate the .CSV file on your computer. Once you have it selected you can click Begin to proceed.

Confirm the Imported Data

Once your .CSV file has been imported your headers will be lined up with the corresponding fields in the LMS. Check to ensure the right information is in each column.You can change the name of the column by using the drop down fields.

  • Select "Additional Data" to add information to the unused fields.
  • If you did not include a username and password in your .CSV file then the Auto Generate Username "FirstName.LastName" can be selected.
  • The format of the username can be changed by selecting another option in the drop down field.
  • You also have the option to select "E-mail username and password to learners." Please Note: This is the only place where you will be able to send New User emails out in bulk.

  • By selecting "Add Enrollment" you can enroll these learners into a number of courses.
  • You may also manually assign a Course Bundle or Curricula to this group.

Please Note: Check for existing auto enrollment rules for the selected Bundle/Curricula that may affect the learners you are importing. The import may time out if you are importing a large (>1000) number of learners that will be affected by an automatic enrollment rule. In this case we recommend performing the import in chunks of learners no bigger than 500. 

Delayed Enrollments

  • You can delay your learners enrollments into these courses by selecting “Postpone Entry/ Enrollment" and choosing a date.
  • This means these learners will not be visible in Manage Learners or any other reports until they are enrolled in the course. 


Once you have looked over the importation requirements click "Done" to finish importing your learners. After the import process has been completed you will now be able to view your new learners under the Manage Learners report, unless you chose to postpone  Entry/Enrollment.

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