[Absorb4] Known Articulate Issues


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


Current Issues:

Studio 2009 IE 11 Attachments:

Courses authored in Studio 2009 do not support attachments when used in IE 11. You can read more about it here.


Previous Issues:

Storyline/Quizmaker 2013 Tin Can Implementation:

Articulate released an update to Storyline and a new edition of Quizmaker in late 2013 that used a new Tin Can implementation. Unfortunately, that implementation was not compatible with our Tin Can setup, and any courses authored with that implementation will not report or track properly.  Articulate has since updated both products but due to the scope of the changes, courses will need to be fully re-authored in the latest version of both products in order to function properly in Absorb.


Studio 2009 IE 10/11 Reporting:

Courses authored in earlier versions (pre Update 9) of Studio 2009 were not reporting properly in IE 10/11. Articulate resolved the issues with the release of Update 10 for Articulate Studio. Articulate also released a bulk update tool that can be used to update courses without having to re-author them, which you can read more about here. Please note that we do not support the FTP option and would recommend that you update your courses locally and then re-upload them.

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