Absorb Implementation Guide - Portal Creation & Branding


This is the second part of the Absorb Implementation Guide. You may want to go back to Absorb Implementation Guide - Getting Started if you haven't reviewed it already.

Portal Creation

We typically need the following two questions answered before creating your portal:

  • Would you like to convert your existing demo portal into your "live" portal?
  • If not, should your new portal be hosted in United States (.com), Europe (.eu), or Canada (.ca)?

Note: If we're converting your demo portal to live, you will continue to access it as normal. In this case there's no need to wait on us - you already have access! If a new portal is being created, your Customer Success Manager will usually provide access 1-2 days after the kick off call. 

We typically create a single "System Admin" user for the primary LMS contact on your side. This account can be used to create any additional administrator accounts you may require. It can also be used to access both the learner and admin "sides" of your portal, found at the following URL's:

  • Learner Side: https://yourcompany.myabsorb.com
  • Admin Side: https://yourcompany.myabsorb.com/admin
The "yourcompany.myabsorb.com" part will be different for each client - we'll let you know what it is. If your implementation includes a custom URL like "learning.yourcompany.com" please work with your Customer Success Manager to set that up afterwards - more info on custom URL's can be found here.
Both sides also have drop-down menus that allow you to quickly jump back and forth between the two:

admin.png    Admin-UI.png

Please note that your portal will be provided with default Absorb branding applied to the learner side.
Portal Branding

Absorb LMS offers powerful branding tools for System Admins, so that they can apply their organization's colors and images to the Learner user interface. Changes to your style are immediate, and can be updated at any time, by any System Admin for those portals that have updated to the New Learner Experience.

It's good to note that the Absorb logo and Privacy Policy link must remain in the footer on the learner side.

Certificate Branding

Absorb LMS offers the ability to issue certifications of completion to your learners upon completion of a course or curriculum. A default certificate for the entire LMS can be set, as well as course or curriculum specific certificates.

Certificate templates in PDF format can be customized to match your branding. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro you can create the template yourself – see our help desk article with instructions on how to insert dynamic fields (First Name, Course Name, etc). We have also created a lesson in the Absorb Academy to guide you through the certificate customization process. If you need assistance creating your branded certificate please provide a template or mock-up and our design team will be happy to generate the PDF template for you.

When ready, you can move on to the Absorb Implementation Guide - Training & Setup article next.

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