Absorb Implementation Guide - Launch!


This is the fifth and final part of the Absorb Implementation Guide. You may want to go back to Absorb Implementation Guide - Additional Features if you haven't reviewed it already.


Thorough testing is paramount! Make sure you take the time to create different test users, login as them, and test on both the learner and admin sides. Just a few important items to test are:

  • Course files launch and play as expected.
  • Course Self-Enrollment and Automatic Enrollment rules function as expected (check your My Courses and Catalog pages).
  • Any availability rules applied to courses, resources, Mercury items, etc are functioning as expected.
  • Admin users have the correct level of access (consider Roles & Permissions and User Management settings).
  • Course completions, scores, and assessments (quizzes and exams) are reporting as expected.

Congratulations! The Final Steps 

If you've made it through all the steps in this guide, you're now ready to launch! Your portal has been configured, loaded with content, and tested. Here are the final steps that need to be taken prior to launch:

  1. Pre-Launch Review: Schedule a time with your Onboarding Specialist to touch base and ensure all project milestones are complete. The Implementation Checklist provided at the start of your implementation will be completed, reviewed and approved. 

  2. Support Transition: After launch your primary point of contact for questions or technical issues becomes Absorb Support. A ticket can be created by contacting support@absorblms.com or by visiting support.absorblms.com and opening a support ticket in the top right corner.

  3. Learner Communication: You will likely want to let your learners know that the LMS is now live! This communication may take the form of the New User email being sent out from Absorb when users are created or imported, an email blast from your own system, an announcement on your internal intranet or website, etc. Keep in mind things like ensuring your learners know how to login, what their password is, etc.

  4. (Optional) DNS Settings: If you are implementing a custom portal URL and were waiting to direct traffic to Absorb until launch, adding the DNS settings on your end should be the final step that "releases" the LMS into the wild.


That's it! Hopefully this guide has been helpful. If you haven't already, you can also check out our Knowledge Base

Implementation Guide 

  1. Getting Started
  2. Portal Creation and Branding
  3. Training and Setup
  4. Additional Features
  5. Launch!
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