[Absorb4] Absorb Academy Video Production Specs


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


The voice over for the Academy videos was recorded on a fairly inexpensive Logitech USB headset. The video was recorded and authored using Camtasia Studio 8 with the following settings:

  • MP4 Video

  • No video controls attached. Videos uploaded as lessons will use the Absorb controls, while those added as resources can be downloaded and played with a desktop media player. Using the Camtasia controls will publish the video as an HTML package which will significantly alter the user experience when watching the video through the LMS.

  • Retain the recording dimensions. Publishing in a different resolution will have a negative impact on the video quality.

  • A frame rate of 30fps as that's what the Camtasia recorder uses. If you are unsure what frame rate your video was recorded at I would recommend using Automatic instead. I also chose an H.264 profile of High and a level of 3.1. For more information on these settings please see the video section of our course authoring guide here.

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