[Absorb4] Accepting Purchase Orders


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


The Absorb Shopping Cart allows you to accept different types of payments such as cheques, purchase order (PO) and wire transfers. If these payment types have been enabled for your shopping cart then your learners will be able to enter the appropriate reference number at the check out. Transactions made with a reference number must be approved by an Administrator in the Transaction Report before the content is available for the learner.


How do Learners pay for a course with a PO number?


1. The Learner finds the course they wish to purchase in the Course Catalog and adds it to their Shopping Cart.

2. After proceeding to the check out they select Purchase Order for the Payment Method and fill out their billing address and contact details.

3. They then enter the appropriate Reference Number for their Purchase Order and agree to the terms and conditions before completing the purchase.

4. They will then be taken to the invoice screen but their course will not be available until an Admin has approved their transaction in the Administration Portal.  The invoice will indicate that the Payment Method was PO and it is (Order Pending)

How does an Admin approve a Purchase Order?

1. Login to the Administration Portal
2. Under the E-commerce category select View Transactions

3. Look up the learner in the Transaction Report

3. Hit approve and enter the reference number in the box that appears

4.  The transaction has now been processed and the course will be available to the purchaser.

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