[Absorb4] Adding External Links Or Documents To Courses


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


In order to have an external link or document work within a course these items need to be set as an "Object".  The "Object" type is for any non-SCORM related objects such as web links or documents. With this type, these items will mark complete immediately upon launching them. They can be used  in combination with other lessons within a course.

Format settings for the course are also important with this type. If your course only contains an Object type, the "Unformatted" setting is recommended. If the course also contains other formats it is best to set it to the format that meets that content (SCORM, AICC, Absorb Compliant, Tin Can). For example, if  you also have SCORM content in the course along with an object, set the format appropriately to SCORM (Pop-up) or SCORM (Launch page).

If you are experiencing issues with an object no opening properly try changing the format to SCORM (Pop-up) so that it will open within a new window in the browser rather than within the launch page of the LMS.

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